Why To Be Aware?

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There are plenty of non lethal weapons open to the consumer which will keep them one step prior to the will be attacker. They range between a little can of pepper spray completely up to class A Taser (which requires a license).

Good to know

Regardless of what your age, your height, your size or your self defense experience, there exists a product that is right for you as an individual. This is an article to stress the importance of being prepared and educated with the weapon that is right for you. Pepper Spray may be the hottest defense tool designed for your protection undoubtedly. It is made from oleoresin capsicum, that is a derivative of the cayenne pepper.

It comes in several strengths and when sprayed at an attackers eyes it causes temporary blindness, disorientation and facial swelling. Sizes range from a 1 oz. can which is perfect for your key ring, 2 oz. which is pocket sized, 4 oz. that is perfect for the briefcase or purse, and the 16 oz. that is for the store or home use.

Take into account

In case you are 18 or 80, this weapon may be used by you confidently. A flick is necessary because of it of the finger release a the safety; and a push of the button to deliver the blast. Distances range from 10 feet for the small can up to 30 feet for the large size.. This is our number 1 pick for all users. On the list may be the Personal SECURITY ALARM next.

This can be a warning device which is carried around the neck, in the purse or pocket, and even comes in a model with a motion sensor which can hang on a door knob or br placed in a room to detect intruders. Operation is simple. Once you feel threatened or in big trouble pull the cord which hangs off the medial side of it simply. 130 dB alarm sounds with a piercing sound that will get everyone’s attention and frighten even the most hard core attacker.

Final note

The motion model is set in a room or on a door knob and after the 20 second arm time it becomes active. Any movement sets off the same ear piercing blast. Moving up the ladder we get to the stun gun. Please note that New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Connecticut and illinois restrict the usage of these weapons within their states. These weapons can be found in all shapes and sizes; like a lipstick case, a pen, a cell phone, and a jogging weight even! That range from 500,00 volts up to and including 4.5 million volts!

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