Why Do I Get Constipation?

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People are uncomfortable talking about constipation. It may be a private issue that they feel should not be shared with others. Ironically, most people have experienced this problem at some point in their lives. However, they are embarrassed and afraid to discuss it. It can be frustrating and painful to experience constipation.


Knowing how to prevent it is a great help. Many people believe constipation is when there is no bowel movement. However, this is false. Constipation is when your bowel movements become more irregular and difficult to pass. You might also feel bloated or have pain in your abdomen. Constipation can be caused by many things.

Constipation can be caused by not eating enough fiber or not drinking enough water. Fiber promotes bowel movement and sufficient water will prevent dehydration. It will also reduce the absorption water from the stool.

Fiber Intake

There are many delicious foods rich in fiber, including wholemeal pasta and wholegrain breakfast cereals, fruits and vegetables, and wholemeal spaghetti and noodles. Constipation is more common in those who are less active. You can exercise regularly or be as active as you can. This will help increase your metabolism, prevent constipation, and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

To ease our bowel movements, we might use over-the-counter laxatives. This can lead to our body becoming dependent on the laxatives to relieve us. This will only make the problem worse and increase your chances of developing constipation in future. Other medications that are prescribed for other conditions may also cause constipation.

Did You Know?

Constipation can also be caused by not using the toilet when there is an urge. This is a common problem, especially when we are in public, at work, or at school. We try to hold on to our possessions until we get home. This is not good for our bodies. The longer we wait to go to the toilet, then the more difficult it will be for us to do so.

Changes in our daily routines, such as when we travel, can also affect our bowel movements. Travelling can lead to us eating different foods and at different times. In countries with a large time difference, we also sleep at different times. This can affect how often we use the toilet, and increase the likelihood of constipation.


Who is more likely have constipation? Constipation can affect anyone, and it is likely to affect most people throughout their lives. It is more common in children, women, and the elderly. Children and the elderly tend to consume less fibrous foods and drink less water. Senior citizens also exercise less. Women are more likely than men to experience constipation during pregnancy, when hormonal changes occur and the uterus compresses the intestine. Prevention is better than treatment!


There are many causes of constipation. Although constipation can often be prevented by small changes in our daily lives, it can still be painful and difficult to treat. Making small changes to our diets and routines can make a big difference in our health.