Que suplementos são bons para o seu sistema imunológico?

Preparation of echinacea tincture in a glass jar

The iImmune system is really a amazing system. Studies have revealed that it has lots of miracles that people are not able to comprehend or replicate despite the advanced technology currently available. The body has about 100 trillion cells that make up all of the organs, organs, muscles, tissue, eyes, skin and another body parts.

Our cells

About 8 million cells die every second and are replaced by new cells, continuously revitalising the body. These trillions of cells execute millions, if not billions of complex tasks every second of every moment of your life, no matter if you’re awake or asleep. The body is an”electrical machine” that activates these actions primarily through enzymes which carry out complex chemical reactions that may identify and immediately communicate with, and control each single friendly cell in your body. This is a lot more powerful and intelligent than any computer that exists today.

If the human body did not have an “Immune System” we’d need to permanently reside in a germ-free sealed plastic jar, or we would die in a couple of days. Wherever you live, we’re surrounded and attacked by germs or microforms. If these pathogenic microbes enter our bodies that they create the perfect environment for disease. As Robert Young Ph.D.. These microforms attack our cells and create poisonous acidic waste in the body which affects healthy cells leading to a variety of diseases.

Defence force

So how can the body shield us from these foreign invaders and the consequent diseases? The “Defence Force’s” mission is to defend the body at all times, by preventing invaders (antigens) from crossing the front line, or eliminating those who manage to enter the body. Invaders mostly enter the body through the food we eat, what we drink and what we breathe in, however they can also enter through the skin, ears, eyes, mouth and nose. This means that our “Defence Force” must be alert at all times, guarding these and other areas of the body. It’s estimated that there are approximately 1 trillion cells in the “Defence Force”.

But where do the “Defence Force” warriors come from and how can they get trained to comprehend the difference between favorable cells and foreign invader cells which are damaging the body? It all begins from the “Bone Marrow.” This factory continuously produces an assortment of different cells from stem cells, all with their own specific functions and control mechanisms. These include the trillions of immune system “warriors” of which there are two major groups comprising 8 primary “fighting” groups. The first line of defence would be the foot soldiers (phagocytes and macrophages), and the true fighting heroes are the B-Cells, T-Cells and Natural Killer (NK) Cells (lymphocytes).

Training academy

Then we have the “Training Academy” The Thymus, perceived to be an unintelligent chunk of beef, which trains trillions of Immune Cells (lymphocytes), which are so small they’re invisible to the naked eye, and don’t have any known intelligence in them, to identify countless distinct cell types and foreign invaders (antigens) in the body. What’s even more amazing, is that these cells may determine every friendly mobile and the “identity” of all the invaders, and generate a particular weapon (antibody) to remove each particular invader. They then store that information so that if that invader type is identified it will instantly be wiped out.

This is why you only get certain diseases once, such as mumps, measles and chicken pox. Studies have shown that the immune systems weapons factory (B Cells) can produce and memorise more than 1 million distinct antibodies for certain invaders. Where do they get this info from? Remember lots of these cells only live for a short while, so this information needs to be passed on to new cells. This is absolutely miraculous, as only “if” a mobile has “consciousness”,”memory” and the power of “reasoning” is it capable of communicating and processing this data. Man hasn’t yet been able to fathom out how this works yet! Then there’s the versatile Spleen.

About bone narrow

Bone marrow only comes into production once a baby is born, so to protect the infant from antigens while in the uterus, the Spleen produces all the essential Immune warriors. Once the baby is born the Bone Marrow begins producing and the Spleen primarily controls the installation of the Immune warriors into the many places they continuously patrol, such as the blood flow, Lymphatic system, salivary glands, joints and tonsils, appearing to determine foreign invaders. If at any time there’s an immune response that needs massive quantities of warriors, then the Spleen can help out and create the extra warriors required.

Imagine all the instant communications required between these countless cells to control these immune responses and ensuing battles. Then the previous production centre, but among the most significant and miraculous, is that the Lymph Nodes. The Lymphatic System, a vital portion of the Immune System, is bigger than the blood flow, with lymphatic vessels hitting all cells and cells in each part of the body.

Police force

The Lymphatic System includes a “Police Force” patrolling the whole body, using a “Police Intelligence” group collecting and storing information about invaders and cells. The Lymph fluid always flows throughout the whole body and carries the “intelligence gatherers” who track all the 100 trillion cells a couple of times every day, passing data back to the”Police Stations” (the Lymph Nodes). This information will be saved and the “authorities” will respond to some alarm by producing the particular sort of “Policemen” (resistant warriors) required. This information will be immediately conveyed to all of the essential fighting and support groups along with the crucial warriors will be mobilised into the battlefield to get rid of the invaders, clean up the battle and normalise the body acts.


The Immune Systems “Defence Force” is completely prepared and on duty protecting the body at all times. You now know a little bit more about the amazing “Immune System” and how critical it is to have it performing at its peak at all times. But how can you achieve that? By satisfactorily feeding your immune system with the appropriate nutrients boosts its fighting capability by increasing the amount of troops in the Defence Force and ensuring they are “battle ready” at all times. There are several natural supplements to nourish your Immune System which will make certain your immune system and its amazing “Defence Force” continuously operate at their peak, protecting you from all probable invaders, keeping you healthy and disease free.

Tomar nota

  • Beta carotene – raises the production of NK and Helper T Cells and helps mop up excess free radicals.
  • Bioflavonoids – this group of phytonutrients boosts the immune system by protecting the cell membranes from environmental pollutants.
  • Echinacea – among the earliest and best healing herbs recognised over a century ago as an remarkable natural infection fighter. Echinacea stimulates the body to generate more T-Cells and NK cells while discharging interferon, one of the bodies most powerful disease fighting weapons.
  • Zinc – this invaluable mineral increases the production of white blood cells that fight disease and increases killer cells which fight against cancer and helps cells release antibodies.
  • Probiotics – these are immune boosting “Good” bacteria that live in our digestive tract.
  • Garlic – this potent immune boosting vegetable stimulates the creation of infection-fighting white cells, boosts NK cell activity and boosts antibody production. Selenium- this important immune boosting mineral increases NK cells and mobilizes cells that are senile.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – these essential fatty acids boost the immune boosting activities and assist fighting germs. Certain foods and environmental influences can keep the immune system “Defence Force” from doing a fantastic job. You must eliminate these threats to your body’s defence system.
  • Alcohol – excess alcohol found the body of immune boosting nutrients, suppresses the ability of T cells to multiply and to kill germs. Alcohol also inhibits the NK cells (natural killer) from handling cancer cells and tumours.
  • Bad Fats. Saturated and Trans fats have an effect on the capacity of B Cells to multiply and produce antibodies (weapons) to eliminate germs.