What Was My Life Like?

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With stress levels increasing over the market, it’s important to understand the connection between psychological stress and physical threat, particularly for women. We discuss the many health issues brought on by stress but do not hear how much easier it is for an attacker while he or she victimizes a stressed out person.

Take note

As girls, we generally take on other people’s stress in addition to well as our own; possibly concern for their own situation or attempting to help them cure it.

  • Fear is the most dangerous mindset of and when you’re stressed; you seem weak and fearful, which shows on your body language (offender language). Women are already seen as”poorer” so it is most important for us to consciously look confident and powerful. Tip: Always convey confidence in your own body language, irrespective of how you”feel” That’s head held high, shoulders back, arms swinging when you walk, looking side to side (seeing behind you with peripheral vision), remain OFF cell phone (diversion) and be ready and prepared to run if needed.
  • Violent crimes, domestic violence and gun sales increase drastically during economic downturns. Tip: Although domestic violence goes both ways, a woman is prone to be the sufferer. Realize most individuals are worried just like you could be.


Practice patience for 2 reasons:

  • people are more volatile at this time
  • it will calm you and others down. People will be calmer around a person who’s relaxed.
  • there’s a beginning, middle and end to everything and there are always lessons in the combination. Tip: Think about where you’re”before” the financial stress. What was your life like? Note how your life has changed and what lessons you can learn from it. Maybe”cutting back” has been an eye opener for you about certain things. For instance: you may be fitter taking your lunch to work and preventing expensive coffee daily. Fact
  • Stress can be greatly reduced or overcome with gratitude. Tip: As women, we’re hyper tuned into our intuition and emotions. This will always put you in a much better mood and reduce stress and other negativity. Regardless of what you have and do not have, you’re better off than many.
  • Simple things can cut stress in half for you and those around you leading to enhanced self-esteem and body language. Tip: Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Your body chemistry changes when you smile and makes you feel better mechanically. This will ease the strain of others around you too.

Bonus Tip

  • Compliment people. Genuine, honest compliments are few and far between. Your compliment spoken to a complete stranger may make that individual’s day and may be the only one they’ve gotten in weeks! Something as straightforward as, “Cute earrings,” or “That haircut looks great on you,” or “Nice watch,” can make someone’s day and makes you feel great in the procedure.