What Is Justice Again?


In Arabic and Hebrew the word for compassion comes from the word for”womb” (The Return of the Black Madonna: A Sign of Our Times or How the Black Madonna Is Shaking Us Up to the Twenty-First Century by Rev. Matthew Fox, Ph.D). I find the relation between the uterus and compassion extremely intriguing.


If empathy comes from the word for uterus and empathy means justice then the uterus doesn’t just have the capability to make life but justice. Dr. Cornel West says that”justice is empathy from the public square” which means that as girls our uterus wellness will directly affect our ability to provide compassion and practice justice in our society. If we look around our communities and see a lack of compassion and grave injustices we will need to examine how we’re treating our wombs-spiritually, mentally and physically.

I do know the societal causes of systematic oppression but I also know that our wombs give us the ability to not only make life but to make art, compassion, love, justice and our whole reality. We are souls, bodies and spirits and if we’re out of balance in any area it will affect our ability to practice empathy first together and ultimately with our neighbor. As women we must maintain our divine right to co-create a world of compassionate justice with God.

Women may be the moral compass of the world when we have the courage to heal ourselves and then subsequently spread this healing to our kids, lovers, neighbors and communities. This energy of recovery will then vibrate throughout the whole world. Many women suffer with uterus wellness issues, particularly Black women. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the team that confronts the most injustice and receives the least compassion faces the greatest rates of womb wellness difficulties. There’s a divine link between our liberation as women and our uterus wellbeing. Though recovery is our divine birthright it’s ultimately our choice.