What Is A Mantra?

Senior woman meditating practicing yoga indoors. Harmony, yoga practice, balance, meditation, relaxation at home

A mantra is understood to be a sacred word (or phrase) used as an object of concentration and embodying some part of spiritual power. To which, your next logical response may be “Who cares?” I contend that most of us need to think in something larger than ourselves to grow as people, and your goals will probably grow as you do as an individual.


It may be rooted in religious beliefs, and may also be similarly enabling when rooted in personal beliefs. I believe that each and every woman has greatness within her heart and needs only to cultivate the inner belief to let it flow from inside herself. Ordinary people may routinely do apparently extraordinary things solely through tapping into that inner spiritual power to propel themselves toward their intended aim.

The ability of a mantra has a deeply personal significance to me, and I’ll share the story with you about one of my favorite mantras. After raising my kids, I struggled to define who I was and break free of the box to which I’d placed myself. Along this journey of self-discovery, I was blessed to meet a few incredible athletes and mentors. One of those mentors was Blake Norwood.


I’d been contested by Blake to conduct a 100 mile ultra-marathon – and he was the Race Director of such a race. The idea that I could ever accomplish such a feat was absurd to me, but Blake had belief in me that I couldn’t see in myself. Among Blake’s favorite mantras (and now mine) is “If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me” That mantra ran through my mind almost thirty hours since I reached deep inside myself to finish that race – not once, but twice within the past decades.

The year following my second end, Blake unexpectedly passed away, so that mantra now has even more significance to me any time I want to remind myself to discover the belief to do something I find daunting. If someone like Blake could hold such belief in my ability to overcome all obstacles, then I can surely realize that belief in myself.

This headline is a tribute to a very special individual, and such words are always near my heart, reminding me that we’re capable of more than we could imagine. As I share this message with you, I believe it is one about which I’m most passionate. And each day I hope that I am doing the appropriate things to share that message and belief with other girls that they may discover something good within themselves.