What Are The Challenges For Women In Trucking?

Woman truck driver leaning out the drivers side window of an eighteen wheeler

Annually, about 50,000 new truck drivers are needed to keep up with the growing demands of the transportation market. To fill this demand, the quantity of female truck drivers is steadily increasing and there are more female truck drivers on our streets than ever before.

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Not only are women in trucking becoming local motorists but also an increasing amount is choosing to become long haul truck drivers. Truck driving is a job where many women make the same type of salary as their male counterparts. Some drivers make over $60,000 their first year at work. That is far better than the first year wages of the majority of top graduates with specialist academic degrees!

As you get experience and long driving hours, there is an exceptional opportunity to further raise your salary. There are two steps involved on your pursuit of becoming to the truck driving profession: training and then obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You’ll need to find a school that’s located nearby in which you live and get enrolled in a CDL training course.

Female truck drivers

It’s not surprising to see as many as one quarter of the classroom to be females. Along with this, many prospective female truck drivers seem to out-perform the majority of their male students on actual and written driving tests! The fact remains that women can result in excellent truck drivers, occasionally arguably much better than their male co-workers. You have to get ready for the lifestyle you’re going to lead as soon as you get hired.

Remember that because you’ll be traveling long distances to deliver several things, there’ll be weeks or months or days when you are going to be away from your loved ones and close friends. In addition, you need to take exceptional actions to stay secure. Females should be particularly careful of their safety when driving by keeping their doors locked at all times. Other guidelines require that you don’t wear luxury jewelry, which may bring in petty thieves. In reality, it’s far better to avoid using a handbag completely, and instead use a pocket to hold cash or other valuable products.


Overall, it would not be a great idea to take any large amounts of cash with you as that may be asking for trouble. Truck drivers are also notorious for eating loads of junk food from truck stops and fast food restaurants. This may result in significant problems with one’s health such as heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. If you are capable of snatching some healthy snacks such as fruits, low sodium products, this can decrease the possibility of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So, don’t hesitate to attain your dreams of being a female truck driver. Now’s the heyday to begin as so many truck-driving companies provide many employment opportunities for both men and women.