What Are The Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

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You might have heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it’s being used for cosmetic and medical purposes. However, how does this work and how can you benefit from its use?


The treatment involves placing the patient within a cylinder made from glass which has a hundred percent oxygen inside, with pressure over the standard sea level or atmospheric pressure. A patient can be put within the air containing cylinder at a pressure ranging from 1-3 air for a period of time of 90-120 minutes. The length and number of session varies from one individual to another, based on their needs.

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How can this treatment provide benefits for your health?

  • Strengthen your immune system – if you often get a disease due to a weak immune system, you often miss out from a great deal of things in your life. Most folks attempt to avoid places and activities that could place them at risk of having a disease, lowering the quality of life. When you get an illness however, you’ll be prescribed with antibiotics from your doctor so as to fight the infection. However, getting regular dosages of the same antibiotic will leave your body resistant to the medicine. This meansit will no longer have any effect in treating the disease. When this happens, you’ll require a greater generation of antibiotics. Through hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the patient will have oxygen pumped into his bloodstream with a higher pressure in contrast to the normal atmospheric pressure. This can help stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are in charge of warding off diseases and protecting your body. Aside from that, this treatment also aids in the production of antioxidants, which could also help fortify the immune system and other organs. With a strong immune system, your odds of becoming ill decreases, letting you enjoy the many things that life has to offer without fear of becoming sick.
  • Improving stroke associated injuries – stroke happens when there is an occlusion along one of the blood vessels going into the mind, which restricts or reduces the supply of oxygen moving into the brain. Oftentimes, this would even cause temporary paralysis and lack of certain physiological functions that may become permanent if therapy is delayed. By undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment, this may increase the quantity of oxygen from the blood which flows towards the mind. This provides adequate oxygen to regions which were deprived from oxygen or just got a tiny quantity of oxygen. A good deal of those who have undergone this treatment who experienced temporary paralysis could regain their physiological functions much faster compared to using traditional medical procedures.
  • Increase healing rate – another advantage which you might get from this sort of therapy is enhanced healing rate of wounds and certain injuries. Most people who were found to have experienced this treatment have experienced their recovery rate increased to around 50 percent quicker. This is a fantastic thing for athletes and for men and women that have been absent from their jobs or is about to lose their job due to an injury that would not heal fast enough.