Existe uma lista segura de remédios caseiros para os fungos de unhas dos pés?

Organic essential oregano oil in a glass jar and a bunch of fresh marjoram

Toe nail fungi can spread to other parts of your body and cause other painful complications if it is not treated. One might feel a lot of pain when walking. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary. This must be treated immediately to prevent further problems. There are many home remedies for nail fungus that can be used to treat it.

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  • Vinegar and Apple – One home remedy is to mix water with natural apple cider vinegar and soak one’s feet in it. Positive results can only be achieved if you do this every day for at least 15 to 20 mins. It might take several weeks or even months for the results to be visible.
  • Oil – Tea tree oil, nature’s powerful fungicide, will help to contain the fungi. Apply pure tea tree oil directly to the affected toe nail. This must be done every day. Lavender oil and olive oil can also be used in combination with tea tree oil. Combining these oils together can help to fight the infection better and prevent skin irritation.
  • Creams – AHA cream or Alpha Hydroxyl creams are one of the home remedies for toe nail fungus. This can be used to remove the scaly skin from one’s feet. These scales are more susceptible to toe nail fungi infection. This ritual should be done every day, and it is best to do it before bedtime.
  • Herbs – Many people recommend oregano oil as another effective home remedy for toe nail fungus. Mix the oil with olive oil and apply to the affected toenail for no more than 3 weeks. Oregano oil has been shown to be an effective analgesic, fungicide, and antibiotic.
  • Epsom Salt Solution – One treatment is an Epsom salt solution. The solution must be used daily to treat the infected toes.


These home remedies all share one thing in common: patience. You must follow these treatments religiously for a long time. No matter what home remedy you choose to treat toe nail fungus, it is important to take preventive steps to avoid further damage. Wearing more comfortable shoes, avoiding walking barefoot in damp public places, and sharing towels with others are some of the preventive measures. These and a good home remedy will cure the toe nail fungal infection in no time.