Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Or BHRT, Well, it feels like one of the first things we have learned about menopause therapy is that whenever you find the acronym BHRT connected with the categories,”Women’s Health” and “Menopaurse” it really means something. Not menacing, or anything. It really is a really complicated, but simple matter.


It refers to the name of the blog: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. As all of us research the subjects of Menopause, Perimenopause, and Postmenopause, we’ll encounter this new and somewhat controversial treatment subject. What is this therapy? It’s the use of supplemental hormones with a chemical structure that’s identical to the hormones which are made by our own bodies. In cases like this, obviously, women’s bodies.

Therefore, we will need to clarify them as natural hormones. They’re delivered in doses that women’s bodies might need, but they are not producing naturally any more. . These doses of hormones help reduce or eliminate the signs of all stages of Menopause.

Take Into Account

Therefore we call it BHRT! These treatments aren’t not homeopathic or natural or spread by laymen. You can not buy them from a magazine. They’re prescribed by real doctors. Although all physicians may not prescribe them If this is a direction you want to go, you want to investigate and identify which medical physicians in your area believe in and are extremely familiar with these remedies.

There are two ways to receive your individual treatment prescribed and purchased by you. This cocktail of hormones could be packaged and offered to you by a larger chain drugstore in a generic type of “one fits all” method. The producer has discredited and packed it to match all women. They’re manufactured and marketed in a range of “set” doses. The newer and a particularly popular program, is to get the doctor test your saliva and blood and think of a tailor made version just for you.

Hormonal Factor

Designed to include hormones where needed and leave what is not needed. They need to be combined to your doctors prescriptions by a local pharmacist. Not a number of the large chains will do this. Most Metro areas have a few regional pharmacies that specialize in this mixing. Send us an email and we’ll allow you to know who does this in your region. Wild yams and soybeans are a source of lots of the biodentical hormones that women’s bodies create.

So, these abundant food resources are often used since they’re plentiful, economical and their ingredients are simple to extract and flip int exact replicas of individual hormones. You’d take this prescription in a means that would simulate your ordinary (or once ordinary) menstrual cycle.

Final Note

The doctor diagnoses that you’re in a hormonal production drop and then you’d have a regular dose daily for much of the month. On days 18 to 28 that the physician will most likely add a supplement of progesterone to mimic what the body did when you were younger. The above is called “static dosing”, but another approach is called rhythmic dosing. This procedure is based on the cycles of nature and is intended mimic the time when girls are in their reproductive peak. Rhythmic dosing is relatively new to “BHRT”.