How To Spiritually Attract Abundance?

Women in Midlife have certainly experienced a lot. Hopefully you’ve come to find that the travel is possibly even more important than the destination. Today’s task is to find nothing less than the MEANING OF LIFE (and you thought that was hopeless.) It’s not to be a lifetime of minimal joy and fulfillment, but a life that’s full and overflowing.

Let’s see…

We’re supposed to take the journey with confidence. If Jesus, the Christ, were here now, he would tell us the purpose of his life – in his famous mission statement – from John’s Gospel chapter 10: I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Living in the INFINITE, It’s time for us to be really GETTING that we are living in an INFINITE world which we’re INFINITE.

What’s that for you? What do you let yourself do, be or have in life? Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. Whenever you’re afraid – it’s because you’re EXPECTING something negative to happen — Notice that this week – ask yourself if a situation comes up that you feel dread – What am I expecting? You do not really get what you deserve in Life. To be overly secure is to deny life. We’re here in order to explore, dream and discover. When we return, we’re usually disappointed more by what we did not do than by what we did.

Take into account

So – are you beginning to truly know what life is? The trick to living it is to let go of fear as you KNOW for sure that it is NOT what it seems to be. Life is God manifesting in, as, and through us in our level of consciousness. God believes in us that our very Life is God. The only God we could ever understand will be discovered in ourselves. Regardless of the fact that all the great mystics have said in effect,”The Father and I are one,” why can we find this idea so tough to comprehend?

They’ve said that we are one with all life, one with all that God is, yet for the most part, we have been taught that there’s human and Divine, as though we had been something different and apart from Reality. How highly do we respect our lives? Do we realize how important they really are? As human beings, we are the sole LIFE form which can be conscious of itself — can know about our Godness – most of us have a deep purpose in being here.


I’m here to tell you now that the belief you have about yourself is the measure of your Abundance in life, because since there’s just 1 life, whatever YOU announce Your life to be, is what you’re declaring God to be. And that which you declare God to be is what you are announcing as your Good – your experience of LIFE – more abundant or otherwise.