How To Make Peace With Your Thighs?

Young woman looking for fat, cellulite, imperfections or stretch marks in her leg and thigh. Girl searching flabby skin. Pressure and stress about body image and weight loss. Unhealthy beauty standard

I tuned into Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life” program and heard her say,”I make peace with my thighs”. What a startling confession! Two-thirds of the audience, girls, wailed in enthusiasm. I am not positive when they were cheering on because someone shared their plight or if they’d come to the same conclusion.

Take note

When I created you, I made something which no scientist could emulate. In my image and likeness you had been fashioned, and when I saw you, I proclaimed,”Oh my gosh, I’m so hectic!”. I wove you when you’re on your mom’s uterus and put your nose, freckleslips and decided that the size of your height to My specifications since I saw it as great.

In actuality, I am enthralled by your beauty. I used to not merely create your physical appearance but I put so much on the inside of you that when you let it glow, you may bless your creation. Don’t let your light be dimmed but let it glow. Even in the event that you’ve enabled your weight slip, I would like you to accept yourself as you are and concentrate on nurturing your body.

That way you can embrace a healthy lifestyle and exercise. It is dependent upon how much you respect yourself. Have a fantastic attitude and the external results will be amazing. Ask any psychologist or fitness expert and they’ll tell you that you first have to love your body and then choose the goals you want to achieve when losing weight. This has both long-term physical and mental advantages. I advise that you exercise, drink loads of water, change your diet if you’re eating food that’s enlarging your waist line and simply do it for YOURSELF. Say these words ,” I make peace with my thighs and I vow to look after my body for the sake of peace, serenity and my duty towards God”. Have a Kit- Kat.