How To Combat Sexual Assault?

Sexual harassment an stop gestures - man and woman in business clothing

Department of Justice says that 1 in 4 girls will end up the victim of a sexual offense sometime in their lifetime. Sexual assault is defined as verbal, visual, or physical abuse which compels a man to consent to sexual contact or attention. It can occur in various types of situations.

About Rape

For instance, by a stranger in an isolated location, on a date, or at your house by someone you know. Rape is an act of aggression and violence. It’s a crime where the attacker has the need to feel as though they’re in control and stronger than the victim. It has nothing to do with the way the victim is dressed or how attractive they are. Victims do not’ask’ for this to occur.


The most common type of rape or sexual assault is date or acquaintance rape. It’s also among the most under reported crimes. In spite of the lack of coverage, statistics show that in over 60 percent of sexual assaults, the victim knew the attacker. The true numbers are probably higher. Here are a few security tips to help minimize your chances of becoming the victim of a sexual attack.

Always be aware of you surroundings. Avoid traveling alone. There’s safety in numbers. If you feel threatened, do not be afraid to request support. Stay sober. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs will decrease your reasoning and ability to resist. If you’re at a party or restaurant, then don’t leave your beverage unattended. Likewise, never accept a drink from someone you don’t understand.

Be ready to fight back

Refuse to be pressured into silent compliance. Always keep something that you can use for yourself defense handy, such as pepper spray or a stun gun. Should you become the victim of a sexual attack, remember it isn’t your fault. It’s important to follow some vital steps. First. Immediately telephone and report the assault to the authorities. Don’t shower, bathe or douche. Doing this will destroy critical evidence. Go to the closest medical facility. Take a trusted friend or relative with you.

Seek expert help

Once you overcome the shock of this assault, conflicting feelings may disturb you and can cause severe depression. You might also have well meaning people tell you things that aren’t correct. I heard the remark made to a victim,”You’re not a virgin anyway, so it is really not that big a deal. You’ll have the ability to get over it” That came in the victim’s best friend! An expert who specializes in victims of sexual assault will have the ability to assist you work through those difficulties.


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