How To Be A Confident Woman At Work?

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Most of us have times when we feel anxious and uncertain. Here are some practical pointers to help you to project a certain image on the job.

Take note

  • Be prepared. If you are making a presentation to a group or giving a proposal to your boss, you are likely to feel more comfortable if you have done your research and practiced ahead of time. And the more important the issue, the more you will need to practice.
  • Surround yourself with supportive individuals. If you can not avoid negative people on the job, you want to develop methods to deflect them. One girl I work with, imagines herself behind an invisible shield that protects her from unwanted words. That helps when one of her co-workers says things to put her down.
  • Use affirmations. Most of us talk to ourselves. What do you say? Do you tell yourself, “That was stupid” or “I’m so dumb!” In that case, replace these negative phrases with positive ones, such as”I’m confident” and “People listen to what I state”. It might appear odd the first few times you do it, but positive rep can help you feel more confident.
  • Remember your strengths. You’ve been chosen to get a task as you’ve got a certain expertise. If you have been put on a new job that you are unfamiliar with, do not forget that someone picked you because they thought on your abilities and experience.

Keep in mind

Despite the fact that you might not feel confident, there’s somebody else that thinks you can do it. It’s not enough to feel confident; in addition, you need to be certain you look and sound confident.

  • Speak up. When people are unsure, they may mumble. Louder voices tend to seem more confident.
  • Slow down. Nervous speakers run their words so that they can finish faster. Confident folks speak at a normal speed.
  • Stand or sit up straight. If you slump down in your seat, it can look as if you want to hide.
  • Make direct eye contact. In some cultures this isn’t appropriate, however in American civilization, looking away can indicate a lack of confidence.
  • Use controlled hand gestures. Focus on your hands and be sure that you’re not using nervous gestures like playing with your hair or picking at your nails.
  • Use strong phrases. When you use phrases like that, you’re telling people to not listen to you.
  • Observe confident folks. Consider the confident men and women you know. How do they look? What do they do? What do they say? You can observe them and copy what they do.

You might even wish to set up a time to speak to confident people and ask what their secrets are. Most individuals are delighted to talk about themselves. Even if you don’t feel confident, it is still possible to project a confident image on the job by paying attention to how you look and sound. Nobody should know that you are nervous inside.

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