Does Our Feminine Qualities Make Us A Easy Prey?

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We like to feel that this quote is accurate. In situations where men have ways and are predisposed to treating the fairer sex more softly than they would another individual, it definitely is. The issue lies in the fact that not every guy is or wishes to be a gentleman.


Women have certain personality traits that make us easy targets for those guys (or other women) who could care less about treating us like women. While we don’t have to change who we are, it’s essential to know about how are female qualities can put us at risk and what to do to overcome them.

  • Gentleness. This personality trait is what enables us to be kind or considerate. Gentle things and people aren’t harsh or severe. Additionally it is often defined as readily managed or docile. The exact reverse of gentleness is roughness.
  • Empathy. This attribute gives us the power of understanding and having the ability to identify with someone else’s feelings.
  • Sensitivity. It’s not surprising that girls can get their feelings hurt a lot simpler than a person can. This also enables us to be attuned to details which the rougher sex might overlook.
  • Compassion. This is described as a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering. For those who have ever read the story of a child afflicted with cancer and cried, you’ve experienced compassion.
  • Deference. This attribute is what causes women to yield to the opinion, will or wishes of another person. These are the traits that make us great wives and moms. They make us nurturers, capable of kissing our children’s boo-boos and shoo-ing away the monsters under their beds.

But, these traits are also what contriubutes to our propensity to nurture bad situations rather than reacting to them. Among the best ways to illustrate the difference between men and women’s nurturing nature is to consider how women and men watch television. In many families, mine included, the guys will grab the remote control like a weapon. Unless they’ve found a channel they’re content watching, they will’search’. Click. Click. Click.

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My husband occasionally clicks through stations so fast that I often wonder how he determined the program was not worthy of his time. On the other hand, women will’nurture’ a station. They’ll stop and watch, at least before a commercial break, waiting to see whether it gets better. In exactly the exact same time period, guys have jumped through 50 channels!

When it comes to recognizing and responding to danger, we have a tendency to do exactly the identical thing. We discover the danger signs, but we wait and watch, often until it’s too late. Our empathy and nurturing character makes us wait too frequently. The bad guys do not wait. They search and attack. I wouldn’t trade my womanly traits for anything. But being ladylike does not mean you must be weak.

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In a dangerous situation, do whatever is necessary to remain safe. Bite, kick, yell, cuss, scratch, spit and lie if you must. Use your self defense weapon if you have one. Don’t apologize for fighting back. Your attacker’s feelings are your concern nor your obligation. Your only responsibility is to keep safe. Don’t be afraid to react. If you offend someone, you can always apologize later. You can’t undo being a victim. Don’t assume that the situation will get better. Be ladylike, but be wise. If you’re ready to pick a non lethal self defense product, see the Safety for Women page. You’ll see an hand chosen assortment of products designed for the way you live and safety needs.


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