Does Diary Writing Improve My Health?

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Many people might be surprised that a journal improves health. The strength of the mental health benefit has really proven to extend to physical wellness. Most of us need a non-judgmental place of security to complain, explain, recant, or simply express our deepest darkest thoughts and feelings.


The very first advantage is a feeling of security and privacy not afforded to us in different arenas. We know in this electronic age, there’s not much that’s actually safe or private. In your journal or journal, you can say anything you want without fear of rejection, guilt, regret, or political incorrectness. This is the only place where you can always be yourself. A journal is the refuge from the stress and demands of a busy and self indulgent atmosphere.

Journaling is all about the relationship you have with yourself. In other words, your thoughts and feelings are extremely important to your self-esteem and sense of wellbeing. All of us have some secret ideas or experiences we won’t inform even the people we trust. If it is not expressed, our negative emotions remain inside and have a tendency to fester (repression).

É bom saber que

The principal psychological advantage is called catharsis which only means a release of emotions. This release reduces the strain and anxiety surrounding the past experience or feeling. If you ever seen a psychotherapist, the sort of conversation you’ve was created for this. Writing about feelings in an abstract sense was demonstrated to be more relaxing than verbalizing them that appeared to aggravate past injury instead.

Concerning physical benefits, studies show that it strengthens the immune system by raising T-lymphocytes. Some studies show that it helps with pain management, fatigue, lowers blood pressure and even helps depression. It’s stress reduction advantage reduces arthritis, insomnia, asthma symptoms, and other chronic conditions.

Nota final

Many people had a diary as a kid, but have given it up with the requirements of mid-life. Well, it is never too late to begin or re-start. Writing about 3 times per week for 15 minutes is a great place to start. Hand writing is a much better form of expression than typing. You may write about the past, present or future, but do not get stuck in the past. In my diary, I say goodbye and write about those who have passed away and how I feel about that. So, this is a practice in caring for yourself and enjoying life as it evolves.

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