Você conhece este segredo de segurança pessoal das mulheres?

Caucasian pedestrian woman walking the street at night in the city with moving cars in the background.  She looks nervous or unsure like a lost tourist or afraid of commuting alone.

Throughout a physical attack, there are many things we are able to do. Another two phases tend to be more handled than this third easily, more threatening phase. Lots of people, ladies in particular, fear so much hurting someone even though this means saving their very own life and that may be deadly.

Let’s start

Think about an option that may work in lots of circumstances, results in as nurturing, changes the overall game and may save your valuable life? This is one way it works. If you are scared or startled, your system produces adrenaline, note: You need to be sucking in and out for this to work.

Nine out of ten people gasp and hold their breath when scared or startled. With a hold and gasp, the adrenaline has been produced actually however the person will, with their detriment, because of this , a lot of people do nothing under great pressure and during this time period is when a lot of people get hurt.


It really is strong and offensive (instead of screaming, that is weak and defensive). You expel all the oxygen you gasped, scare the attacker, What things to yell? “Stop, Off and 911 back! ” and over over, in virtually any order, there exists a space between your two of the “danger was called by you zone.” This space could be closed with a straightforward hug. Attackers are searching for an electrical fix by controlling another person since they feel uncontrollable of these own life.

If the guidelines are changed by you of these game it becomes your game with you in charge? Hugging an attacker includes wrapping yourself around them in a genuine way that’s highly restrictive in their mind; inspiring them to desire to escape you! Attacker Hugs – duck and bury your mind to protect that person always, HANG ON TIGHT, glom on as an alien. Now you understand about fight or attacker and flight hugs as choices for use with physical attackers. Understand that all situations will vary and only 1 thing is 100% reliable to assist you in virtually any situation – breathing; this is a vital safety secret!