Cell Phone Stun Gun? Self Defense In Disguise

Caucasian male hand making a fake pistol gesture studio shot isolated on blue.

I really don’t like guns. I don’t enjoy being around them and in my opinion the world would be a much better place if every one of these magically vanished right now. This isn’t to say that I’m against self-defense. I wholeheartedly believe that each law abiding citizen has the right, and sometimes the obligation, to take a tool of non-lethal self-defense together constantly.


Firearm advocates may ask me how I could be for a single tool of self-defense but not another. The solution to this is straightforward; I’m for tools of self-defense which are powerful but at the exact same time non-lethal. Handguns are anything but non-lethal, on the contrary to their intended objective is to leave a hole in a different being that takes a professional to shut. Stun guns on the other hand may be every bit as powerful as a real handgun and far more frequently than not the person that’s stunned walks off with zero lingering effects.

Stun devices work by disrupting a person’s normal neurological impulses using a high voltage, low amperage current of power. Basically it leaves an attacker completely unable to control their own voluntary actions. Additionally, it makes the muscles of the attacker contract and relax so quickly that the attacker is nearly completely physically spent in only a matter of a few seconds.


All this sounds quite harsh but let us remember two things, first and foremost the person it’s being used on is an attacker seeking to harm another and second a fast zap from a stun device is still better for the attacker than a bullet from a gun. So which stun gun is right for you? I’d suggest one with enough voltage to really succeed and that, in my opinion, is anything over 200,000 or so volts.

I’m also not a massive fan of walking around with a weapon vulnerable, if it be non-lethal or not, concealabilty and discretion are essential with any stun gun. So which stun device fits this description the best, how about a Pretender mobile phone stun gun? This system looks exactly like real mobile phone, even at very close inspection, but is actually an ultra-powerful 4.5 million volt stun gun. 4.5 million volts is enough to put even the biggest and baddest of attackers on the floor and playing nice. And as the present is low amperage it will not leave the attacker with no pulse. To put it differently, the mobile phone stun gun will permit that attacker to reside to redeem himself and become a productive member of society.


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