Existem segredos de segurança pessoal para as mulheres?

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Although everybody needs personal boundaries, women are the caretakers of the planet and paradoxically, we allow ourselves to be exposed to a point of being emptied until we can’t care for anyone, including us. We have to care for ourselves in order to be there for others, right?

Let’s start

There’s a happy medium between being selfish and being selfless and I will show you exactly what it is! At one time or another, we have all felt less than permitted by something somebody else did or said. Wouldn’t you agree? What do you do if someone is disrespectful to you? What should you do if being around somebody provides you the creeps?

Have you put yourself in a situation where you emerged feeling worse that you did ahead? Did you know that it would happen but “did not want to offend anybody,” by creating funds or waves out? We’ve all been there and if you’re prepared to make a more empowered future with more admiration from others and yourself, greater self-esteem and a whole lot more peace of mind and bliss, you will surely have to establish and enforce private bounds!

Keep in mind

They’re the keys to a lot of our happiness yet so often overlooked. To start with, let’s determine what’s fine with you and what is not. That would be acceptable people, places and situations and improper people, places and situations. You probably know a number of these already. Decide what enables you and what disturbs you by imagining a person, place or particular circumstance and discovering the feeling in your gut.

This is the fastest way to know if something or somebody is harmful or beneficial for you as a woman. Personal Safety Secret for Women but for right now, the first thing you feel is what you need to go for, good or bad. If you have an indifferent feeling, place it in the “good” category.


If you’ve got a good gut feeling about the individual, place or situation it’s placed on the acceptable list. If you’ve got a bad gut feeling, that person, place or situation is set on the unacceptable list. You now have an acceptable list and an unacceptable list. Next, envision yourself in the midst of a circle. The line of the ring extends approximately 18-24 inches in the body. Picture the acceptable people, places and situations within the circle with you and each the unacceptable people, places and situations beyond the circle.

You may have heard or said something like, “He got in my area,” or “She stepped over the line,” right? The distance is the space within your circle. It’s your personal space and I am giving you permission to safeguard it. The line is your private boundary line between what’s acceptable and unacceptable for you. So, now you’ll have a visual the next time somebody talks about “the line” or”my space” though is more of a expression than actually known my the individual speaking it.

Tomar nota

To start with, enforcement of private boundaries is simplest when you first meet somebody because they do not need to modify their behavior. When someone you’ve known for quite a while suddenly learns you won’t be setting up with the disrespectful way they talk to you anymore they’re not content. However, you might have had folks like this on your life at one time or another and it’s impossible to attain your true potential together knocking down you all of the time. Some of them are going to leave your life, others will respect you and remain. Why would someone you have known forever leave your life simply because you choose not to be abused by them ? and you stopped playing their game.

People who care about you’ll be delighted to correct their behavior so you feel better and many will appreciate the heads up; not realizing they’d been inconsiderate previously. As you can see, establishing personal boundaries is a breeze in comparison to enforcing them. It takes courage to stand up for yourself and others will respect it or resent your ability to do so. If someone speaks to you disrespectfully and you’ve just deemed it as improper, you want to ascertain what you may say or do the next time it occurs. In this response, you’re placing the ball at the other person’s court.

The choices

They have two choices: affirm they wanted you to feel bad or apologize and change their behaviour. That means that they can inspire or threaten you into believing a certain way but you’re in charge of your feelings. The key is determining what you may say or do beforehand. This is the way we protect ourselves. Establishing private boundaries includes figuring out how we manage the boundary breakers. The best part is that because you know what’s acceptable and unacceptable, you can see when someone is getting close to “getting on your area” or “crossing the line” so that you can stop it! If you decide that an annual holiday party gets wild annually by 11:00 pm, then your private boundary is to attend until 10:30 pm.

Where’s the Empowering Part of Personal Boundaries? I’m glad you asked! When you’re treated with the respect you deserve and treat others in type, you’ll be surprised at the length of time you allowed yourself to live with this natural high! How you see yourself enhances. How others see you enhances. You feel stronger knowing you have the right to protect yourself from psychological, psychological, psychological and physical attacks. Your life becomes much simpler because there are principles and people who decide not to abide by these are no problem for you anymore.


You need to have your back before you can expect anyone else to. You have to nourish and care softly for yourself before you’re able to care deeply for others. You deserve to be happy. Do you eliminate some”buddies,” acquaintances and others in your life? Yes. But were they friends if they abused you? No. Do family relationships get an overhaul? Many times, yes but refer to the reply to the preceding question. So as to be who you want and would like to be; to be able to do your life goal, you will need to feel whole, significant and competent to live your best life. This means protecting yourself from attack. Unclear about your life’s purpose? You will see just how much more clearly you see after you respect yourself enough to establish and apply personal boundaries. 4 personal security secret for ladies!