Existem Remédios Domiciliários Eficazes para o Fungo das Unhas?

Fungus Mushroom Between Toenail. Smelly Feet

Nail fungus is a very common and embarrassing infection. Nail fungi is caused by the infiltration of micro organisms called fungi. These micro organisms can thrive in moist warm environments inside the nail layer. This makes nails hardier, brittle, and discolored. Although it isn’t painful initially, a gradual increase in pain will make it more severe.

Remédios caseiros

Home remedies for nail fungal disease are more effective than any other treatment available. These are the most effective home remedies that are both affordable and safe. Apply a pinch of iodine to the affected area. This will remove any dead cells from the surface. Wash it. Apply a pinch of iodine to a clean cotton dressing cloth. This will kill the fungus.

A sterilized cotton ball can be soaked in lime juice and tied around the affected area. The antiseptic properties of lime help to reduce fungus growth.

Tente isto!

Apply onion to the affected area. This will quickly cure the nail fungus and prevent it from recurring. The onion’s antifungal properties penetrate deeply into the nail and reduce the growth of fungus. Apply turmeric paste to the affected nail twice daily. The turmeric prevents infection and makes the nail soft and smoother.

Tea tree oil is the best oil to use on the filed nail. It nourishes the tissue of the nail. Indirectly, natural remedies are used to treat nail fungus. For patients with diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes, chemical treatment for nail fungal diseases is not recommended. Tea tree oil is the best natural treatment as it penetrates the skin and kills the fungi. Tea tree oil should not be used by pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeed. Although there is no clinical evidence that it causes irritation upon application, some people have felt the irritation.


Some people are allergic to tea tree oil. If you are aware of the allergy, stop treating it immediately. Another home remedy for nail fungus is to soak cotton in alcohol and then clutch it. Allow to dry the toes for a while. It is best to do this repeatedly. Avoid wearing wet socks and avoid excessive water activity.

Olive oil and oregano are the best remedies to nail fungus. It has antiseptic, antifungal, antiparasitical, analgesic, and antibacterial properties. Use the mixture of these two oils for no more than three weeks.