Os Supermercados modernos são palácios de venenos?

Out of focus shot of a man shopping in the supermarket

Each week, my wife and I do our grocery shopping. We are what we eat, for better or for worse. Organic is our first option. Natural is the second option. Most metropolitan areas have one upscale grocery store. On a net basis, then, with organic foods, there’s absolutely no real increase in your overall food price.

Hoje em dia

Supermarkets today are sophisticated palaces of toxins. Sugar substitutes are especially noxious. The most used is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). US, it is very inexpensive, sweet, and it significantly enhances people’s appetites, thus improving their waistlines, hips and chins and, at precisely the exact same time, enhancing manufacturer gains.

Chlorine undermines the immune system. What should you eat? That says it all–quite simply. 92, and still able to exercise strenuously for hours. P.T Barnum marketing circus. Americans are vastly deceived when it comes to food.

Small children lying on the ground crying because Mom will not get a useless box of cold cereal, the bundle adorned by a monster or action hero. Oh, well, it would not freeze in the freezer, I figure, staying moist for 20 years perhaps. Thanks for little blessings. But if you eat poorly, medical insurance, hospitals, physicians, synthetic drugs, exercise and nutritional supplements are all useless. Don’t put crap in your temple, your body.