Alternative Medicine And Therapies?

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Alternative Therapies and alternative medicine has been gaining ground along with conventional treatments. Alternative therapies have been practiced for thousand of years especially in the east commonly known as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Modern medicine has replaced such treatments because of its ability to rapidly suppress the symptoms and treat the particular physical condition with surgical and pharmacological methods evolved after much study. However the modern medication too has severe side effects because of its toxicity and chemical interference in cellular function.

This has led to alternative therapies and alternative medicines gaining ground. The inability of the medical science to swiftly handle the outbreak of immunity associated ailments and disease like Aids and SARS have rekindled the interest in alternative therapies.


Alternative therapy and medication has also gained respectability as more and more clinical trials and research is demonstrating the effectiveness of its remedies. Alternative therapies have very simple principles. The body can heal itself. You just have to facilitate the self-healing procedure.

Prevention is the key to healthy living. The other medicinal system stresses on prevention of disease by means of a change in diet, use of proven herbs and lifestyle changes that while preventing the disease also helps in handling the fundamental cause of any illness. Each system of alternative medicine has their own complex method of treatment and investigations; broadly they concentrate on balancing the energies in the body in addition to the emotional facets of disease.

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Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to homeopathy works on the principle of helping the body to heal itself. All remedies in alternative therapy use medications that are directly derived from botanical sources – ingredients in plants. They are usually safe in moderate doses if they’re prepared with pure basis of these botanicals and unadulterated with any kind of chemicals.

There are loads of spurious goods in the marketplace with tall claims. Buy only from the best source after verifying the background and credibility of the firm. Don’t go by promises of miraculous cures. You will need to comprehend how each item works and proceed by the study available on the herbs together with the conventional history of healing.

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Buy the food or herbal supplements only after verifying whether firm is meeting with the excellent standards and test certificates. Check whether the ingredients on the label are according to the claims on the advertisements. Plenty of information is available in the site of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or NCCAM site for complementary and Alternative medicine.

A last word of caution when using alternative medicines and remedies, whatever the claims made or facts about the medicinal and curative properties don’t stop your normal treatment recommended by a health care provider. It’s ideal to use these products as a preventative and for good health. Don’t use the products for symptomatic relief but for therapeutic usage. Use the alternative medicine as complementary or as an adjuvant treatment to your regular medication. Use of herbal remedies as a preventative or as food and health supplements is the best way to go as you don’t run the risk of interference with your regular treatment of any illness or disorder.

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