Why To Use Stun Gun Pens?

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If you’re planning to get a stun gun to fasten your safety then you may want to consider choosing stun gun pencils. In this report, you will learn unique benefits of the small-sized protection weapon. Even if you’re a simple college student with no enemies or enemies, you still have to work on your safety. In times now, everyone has to be particular with their own safety.

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There are those around who can bluntly abuse one’s flaws so that you must attempt to get equipped and awake all the time. One means to do this is by having a stun gun for your own protection. Well, before you buy or purchase your own stun gun, then you should be sure first that the state or city you’re living in enable the use of this sort of weapon. There are 42 countries in America wherein the possession and use of a stun gun or Taser for self-defense is lawful so you may want to check if your town is included.

After you’ve verified that it is indeed legal in your state to utilize this sort of weapon then you have to begin your quest for an ideal model or device for you. There are Taser models which are shaped and designed like a real firearm. This can intimidate the attacker as it looks like a real gun.

However, there are also drawbacks of getting this big and bulky type of defense weapon. One of which is the fact which you can’t walk around the streets carrying this major weapon with you. When you have this, the trend is that will just leave it in your home.


As much as possible, it’s best if you’re able to carry around the self-defense weapon so a great recommendation for this would be to get stun gun pens.

  • You can bring it everywhere – As mentioned, having the ability to carry around your self-defense weapon is valuable on your part. Having this weapon the kind of a pen, you’re sure to carry it everywhere you go – workplace, school, grocery stores, shopping centre and other places. You can just place it in your pocket or bag.
  • It is simple to disguise this as flashlight – Most units have built-in LED flashlight which you can use at night or in dark places.
  • It’s simple to use – You don’t have to worry if you’re not knowledgeable about firearms since this Taser gun is extremely simple to use. You will only aim the pencil to the attacker targeting his chest and the effects will occur as soon as you release the trigger.


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