Why To Trace Your Meridians?

Alternative medicine and east asian healing methods concept with acupuncture dummy model with copy space. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles in the subcutaneous tissue, skin and muscles

Until quite recently, the notion of people having’energy meridians’ was widely thought of as some type of superstitious, Eastern mumbo-jumbo from the more sophisticated people in the West – until a few courageous scientists came together, and began doing experiments to show that energy meridians really do exist, and actually can influence your state of health.


The first thing to realize is that the human body consists of a range of electronic circuits. The second thing to understand is that a lot of your physical body is constructed from material that serves as a semiconductor. Semiconductors are involving’conductors’ – substance that permits the free-flow of power through them ‘insulators’ – substance that blocks the free-flow of power.

Practically-speaking, it follows that the various parts of your body is able to turn the electrical impulses they’re getting on and off, at will. Now, let us find out exactly what the body’s electric current actually does. Western science (or at least, the little bit of it that is in fact interested in truthfully discovering how the human body functions ) is still trying to figure out all of the different parts of the puzzle.


Governs and influences numerous procedures from expansion, to defence (ie, your immune system), to the total functioning of the human organism. What exactly does all this mean for you, and how do tracing your meridians have some real effect on your sense of health and physical health? When Western scientists began to experiment with the traditional acupuncture meridians, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they found they acted a low-resistance pathways for the flow of electricity around the entire body.

To put it another way, they found that energy meridians are fact, not fiction, and they work to find the present, or’stream’ of energy going around. The human body vibrates with bioelectricity from top-to-toe; each cell in your body has a positive and a negative charge, and this vibrating electric network conducts information and directions around the entire structure.


Your body is an incredibly-sophisticated semiconducting electric network. To quote the book ‘Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis’:’Complete health corresponds to complete interconnection. Accumulated physical or psychological trauma impair the connections. When this occurs, the body’s defense and repair systems become impaired, and disease has an opportunity to take hold.

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