Why To Self-Nurturing From Inside?

Positive woman

Have you heard? Menopause is a religious transition. It’s a grand and sacred phenomenon that demands deep self-nurturing from within. During this period of life, girls, and the men around them, are requested to journey into unknown internal terrain and adopt female energies in an unusual manner. At the very least they are advised to locate a balance of both masculine and feminine energies within themselves.


On the surface, menopause remains often defined as a type of temporary condition of being based on a hormonal change. And in concert with its shallow layout, not in deference, it’s time to recall the deeper mysteries of their human anatomy as they reflect the continuous level and re-balancing of humanity and soul, yin and yang.

Unlike its centuries-old predecessors, or even its pre-1990’s agents, menopause no longer inspires visions of old grey crones on rickety limbs, old maids as well as granny-hood and retirement. Youthful, vibrant and sensible women are rather the ambassadors of the passage.


In Goddess circles, there’s a new term for those in this specific cycle of life: they’re Queens! Pretty much all women in any stage of menopause will tell you–whether it be pre, peri or post–this is a time of incredible growth and multidimensional change, particularly if it’s navigated naturally. One physical symptom can promote an idea or an emotional reaction, which if given the least bit of attention may result in moments of amazing inspiration and epiphany.

In reverse, acknowledgement of that exact same imagination and connection could be traced back to an uplifting feeling of bodily heat and well-being, and an aggravating alluring flash, depending on the individual or the moment. Whether a conscious vessel or not, menopause will almost always call about the deepest forms of internal strength and endurance, self-worth, inherent confidence and capability for occasionally excruciating inner expansion, even if hormone replacement therapy is the preferred system of management.


There’s just so much a false floor can hold. Certainly an proper term when applied to any effort to control menopause (like HRT or even herbal aid ), management can possibly make the ride a little smoother for a short time. Yet, there’s another option. Mastery, an important practice of fascination, self-compassion, positive outlook, intriguing psychological balancing functions and deft juggling, physical health, in addition to a focus on religious connections, or dedication.

Truthfully, we all finally realize there’s not any controlling much of anything in life, much less this wondrous cycle notwithstanding its many unmarked capillaries to denial. The creative power of menopause is unfathomable, and that’s no exaggeration. Women may too look upon this as a transcendent event since it is going to take them in the shadows of the unknown whether they’re ready or not.

Mastery–ability, understanding and virtuosity among other definitions–is a much more accommodating vein through which the grander energy currents can flow and move. Unfortunately, menopause isn’t actually seen from the outer, non-menopausal planet as anything outside some type of middle-aged, physical event or, curiously, a day marking the end of menstruation. It’s different now.

Consider this

11 decades back, from roughly 281.5 million people, there were 32 million women in the US between the ages of 35-49. That’s over 11 percent of the overall US population. Today those very same girls are currently between 46-60 years old, in some portion of their menopausal cycle. Along with this incredibly large and influential part of the people, we could thank Dr. Christiane Northrop for its present state of visibility. Since the publication of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” in 1994, many informative and interesting books are published regarding menopause, its physical, psychological and even spiritual aspects.

They’re full of personal stories, information about ways to alleviate symptoms and the management of life during menopause. Nobody however, has written a book about the mastering energy of the female body through menopause.


How do women take sensible command of their own spiritual journey during menopause? How can they find predominate here, and help to guide the next generation through this incredibly demanding and charming period in life? What if some day down the road access to supplements and herbs, and of course pharmaceuticals, were denied to the normal individual?

What if there were no more candles or bathtubs full of sea salt, CD’s and ipods, chamomile tea? What if there were no longer outside substances and outside remedies to ingest? What if, humanity was one day totally blessed with remembrance and directed toward a gateway in the deepest most intrinsic part of our beingness? Would we know the way? Would we have the courage to step through the gate, to embrace the truth of our inner sanctuary and temperament?