Dlaczego warto powiedzieć "nie" tradycyjnemu cardio?

I love sport. Happy positive elderly man practicing Nordic walking with his wife and smiling while enjoying this sports activity

You’ve celebrated the New Year, made your resolutions and are now gearing up to reach your hottest goals. You’re full of vim and vigor. This time you’re going to get rid of those 10 pounds. OK, make that 20 – but this time you are going to do it right and hit it hard.


To legitimize your attempt, some of you may join a gym or hire a personal trainer, others may join using a “boot camp” or seek out the most recent hip-hop trend. But after reading some posts and soaking up the recommendation of the “celebrity coaches,” most of you will actually opt to go it alone. After all, provided that you go “cardio.” You may also go it alone, right? So this time you are prepared to run for your life!

While the current buzz asserts that the more cardiovascular exercises you do, the faster you will lose those unwanted pounds, for some of you, aerobic-based exercise programs can actually backfire. The principal reason that cardio workouts are promoted as a panacea for fat reduction is due to their calorie burning capability.


But before you”run for the gold” there are a couple of basic facts that you ought to take to heart.

  • Cardiovascular exercise generally involves an extremely repetitive movement pattern. In running, by way of instance, 1 foot after another hits the sidewalk or the trail or the treadmill with relentless consistency. But according to Newton’s Third Law: “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.” So for each step you hit against the pavement, the pavement strikes you back! Your joints will absorb every blow and if they are not powerful and balanced, chronic and debilitating injuries are ensured. Then if you conceal those injuries with painkillers, rather than address them with corrective exercise and lifestyle modifications, you may too run yourself directly to the closest hospital. Surgery will certainly be scheduled soon!
  • Cardiovascular exercise is catabolic (tissue damaging ) by character. According to the most recent study, while short bursts of aerobic activity can help you in your fight against fat, prolonged aerobic activity may actually weaken your immune system and cause your muscle to waste away. Did you ever compare the physiques of the sprinter with that of the long-distance runner? Lean, strong, beautiful vs. Did you ever wonder why? Does that mean that you could never attain a thinner and healthier look by yourself? Of course not. It means that you can not do it by running out your heart for 40 minutes each day after work.


You can run but you can not hide from the tested rules of proper exercise.

  • Address your diet.
  • Start simple. Walking is a very power tool.
  • Incorporate a resistance training program in your schedule. Resistance training is anabolic (tissue building) by nature and will also help increase your metabolism.
  • Always keep your body guessing by switching your cardio activities.
  • Consider Interval Training (short bursts of cardio followed by low intensity cardio for healing ) but just after your body is strong enough to manage it.

Now you are ready to make it a joyful and, especially, healthy New Year. This time you are ready to strike it smart. Then you can hit it hard.