Dlaczego warto wybrać gaz pieprzowy do samoobrony?

Tear gas or pepper spray in jeans pocket. Self defense tool.

It might be frightening if the crime rates in your area are on the upswing. The failed burglary attempts ought to be a warning signal that you take the necessary precautions. If you’re tensed about your teenage kids being alone at home while you need to spend late evenings on your workplace, security of your loved walking alone in an unsafe location, your parents being at home with no security, you will need to look at buying mace pepper spray.


You may ask yourself, is mace effective. The statistics show there are various women who are being sexually attacked even at their work areas. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent with the power to save you from sudden attacks. The mace pepper spray may lead to breathing difficulties and eye discomfort into the attacker. It shouldn’t frighten you since this would do no injury to the individual in the long term.

The significant ingredient of this product generally is Oleoresin capsicum. The immediate reaction of the attacker is to shut his eyes down and kneel down since he feels chocked. In the meanwhile, you can call out for help or escape out of his area. The effects is however determined by the strength of those that you’re used. Usually, the spray may disable the attacker for about thirty minutes. These products are concealed in a variety of forms so you can avoid evoking suspicion in the attacker.


The spray couldn’t just inflame the eyes, but also the nose, throat and lungs of the person. These are perfectly legal in the majority of the nations. The shooting array of the mace pepper spray also varies. Having a mace pepper spray into your handbag is a really good thought. The item is often disguised as rings, lipsticks, fresheners, etc.. This has managed to save the lives of many previously. Once you’ve purchased the product, it’s crucial that you read the directions and learn how to use them.

Never await the unfortunate situation to try this out. You can learn how to operate this without hurting yourself throughout the practice. If you’re still doubtful concerning the efficacy of the product, you should be conducting some online research. It’s misconception that the product wouldn’t have an effect on the individuals that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mace pepper spray is a non-deadly defensive technique that could come to your help during emergencies. This could help you even if you must encounter with several attackers. The painful burning sensation brought on by the product won’t only save you, will also help you be a part of improving the security in your neighborhood.

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There are rare chances the attacker could return back to these inappreciable ventures again. If you’re worried about the security of your nearest and dearest, you can present them. It’s very important that you keep such matters far from children’s reach. For your personal security, you would require just the smaller bottles while the bigger ones are useful for the law enforcement officers.