Jaki rodzaj gazu pieprzowego wybrać?

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When wanting to select an easy, efficient self-defense item, there are many spice up defense tools to pick from. Online internet sites provide the largest choice. You are able to have little types since important stores, lipsticks, or even writing instruments. Larger dimensions could be installed on the walls in any space and even your office where they are readily available.

Co robić?

To circumvent undesired improvements associated with continual actual physical get in touch with, a lady may take out the girl “lipstick” and provide your pet the dosage. Being a handy important string, keep this whilst strolling for your vehicle inside a dark car parking great deal or even garage area. There’s even a group of Hot Walkers produced by Mace which are 2, one lb dumbbells to be used simply by joggers. Among the dumbbells includes a pepper aerosol, another includes a compartment with regard to belongings.

One in no way understands exactly where or even if they may be the sufferer of the strike. The very best we are able to perform is to be conscious of the environment, may consider silly probabilities and become ready.

Jak to działa?

Pepper apply includes Oleoresin Capaicion (OC). The oleoresin is definitely a greasy compound plus capaicion is an organic remove present in very hot soup peppers. This leads to intensive burning up within the eye, tonsils, nasal area plus pores and skin. The greasy compound gets into the particular skin pores and it is not really very easily cleaned aside.

It impacts the particular mucous walls plus leads to hacking and coughing, choking, feeling sick, burning up, challenging inhaling and exhaling plus short-term loss of sight. It will take a quarter-hour to at least one hr in order to diminish. One chance hard provides you with time for you to operate regarding assist.

It shouldn’t constantly work nicely upon those people who are intoxicated by alcoholic beverages or even medicines because they tend not to have the discomfort just as much. If so, make use of just as much aerosol as you can plus operate.


Mace Triple Action consists of OC spice up aerosol, UV Dye plus chlorobenzalmalononitrele (CS), the rip gasoline this is a lachrymator or even lachrymatory broker. It leads to corneal spirit within the vision to create intensive burning up, ripping plus difficulty breathing. The Michigan authorized Mace includes an ULTRAVIOLET Dye plus possibly chloroacetophenone (CN) rip fuel or even OC spice up aerosol.

The UV Dye scars the particular opponent therefore police force may determine your pet. Pepper Shot plus Mace spice up defense tools are very similar. Right after is going to be in fashion, range, plus quantity of “shots”. Mace rip gas differs for the reason that it could be very easily cleaned away from; or else, it will require half an hour in order to two hours to decorate away.

The CN rip fuel much more poisonous compared to CS therefore select appropriately. Your way of life plus requirements can help you choose the best a single. Remember to understand your own atmosphere and become ready regarding anything at all. Consciousness will be the 1st part of avoidance.


Most defense tools take six — twelve feet so that you can utilize it just before a good assailant will get as well close up yet be cautious you do not provide him a chance to hit this from your hands before you decide to apply your pet. To find out more, obtain a copy from the Tactical Defense Spray Book.