Co powinnaś wiedzieć o PMS?

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Menstruation is one of the topics that girls talk about, but then again they don’t talk about. Every month, tens of thousands of women are bothered by PMS symptoms such as cramps, heavy bleeding, nausea, mood swings, depression, weight gain, and much more. Most suffer the whole course of the menstruating years feeling like there’s absolutely no way out except possibly with birth control.


Unfortunately, there’s a price to cover birth control. Birth control unnaturally”controls” how your hormones act with each other using a truckload of unwanted effects such as migraines, random spotting, nausea, and mood swings. In addition to those side effects that strangely enough resemble some PMS symptoms, once women stop using birth control, their PMS symptom horrors amplify even worse than before using birth control!

Through several years of experimentation and study, I discovered that the sort of meals consumed right before and during the cycle creates a remarkable difference in the degree of PMS pain. Some foods have the capacity to make your life much simpler and alleviate PMS symptoms while others exaggerate the pain. It isn’t about going on a diet, but by preventing certain kinds of food, at least only for a week each month. If the cravings are excruciating, then find a suitable substitute or consume a small portion of your craving. Here are a few suggestions to stick to at least a day before your anticipated cycle going into the end to ease period pain. Dairy products includes cheese (say no to pizza!) , milk, ice-cream, etc.. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic or not, because organic dairy products contain hormones.


Dairy products exaggerate menstrual cramps so it’s sensible to avoid them. If you crave ice, substitute for using almond milk replacements, but eat only a small amount (like one serving or less) since they’re sugary and sugar isn’t a friend of a menstruating woman . This may be extremely tough because most women crave chocolate during their PMS episodes. But, have you noticed how you feel after eating lots of chocolate? The first stage is a terrific feeling but is then followed by a catastrophic crash. This wreck is worse when you’re in your cycle as a cascade effect occurs where not only do you feel tired but cramps are amplified too.

Try to substitute it for ginger candies, but in case you truly have an irresistible craving for chocolate, then consume only a tiny quantity of it. It’s ideal to avoid it, but sometimes a craving only overpowers.

Eliminate or dramatically reduce any sweets intake such as candies (except for a small part of ginger candy), cakes, pies, cookies, tarts, etc.. Substitute with fresh fruits such as grapes, figs, and mangoes.

Do not overeat. Overeating wrecks havoc on your health, frame of mind, energy levels, and the whole works. Overeating is just plain bad for you, not only during menstruating time! You might still eat your favourite foods in reason during this time, assuming they don’t have chocolate or milk in them, but it’s ideal to eat them in tiny portions. The reason overeating is worse during menstruating time is due to the fact that women have bloating as a symptom. Overeating only adds more trouble for this situation. A simple way to help avoid overeating is to eat slower and smaller meals every day.

Drink lots of water first thing in the morning. What’s “a lot” of water, right? Well, this will be dependent on a number of factors like your own body weight, exercise levels, climate, etc.. It’s wise for water to be room temperature or warm (such as in a decaffeinated tea). If you can get in about 64 ounces first thing in the morning (that’s about 2 cups) that would be a fantastic start to the day. This will of course let you want to use the restroom within another 20 minutes or so, but that is the point.


You need to clear out your system first thing and while on an empty stomachthis is going to help reduce cramping and bloating. The body can better absorb room temperature or warm fluids. And it induces a soothing feeling in the body, and that’s exactly what you want especially in this time. You don’t need to eat lots of cold fluids while on your cycle.