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There’s not a day that goes by where multiple individuals in the USA are not killed by firearms. Gun violence has become so commonplace that what I just said probably doesn’t surprise or shock you at the very least and that in and of itself is quite a tragedy.

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I live in the third most populated city in america and one which is recognized for its crime rate and I will admit that the few times I watch the evening news (I prefer getting my information from a newspaper and I will pick and choose what sections of this newspaper to read) I see the gun violence stories and they’re instantly forgettable to me. Forgettable because the following day there’ll be new stories of people killed by firearms I can forget about until the next day then every time a new wave of deaths strikes the evening news.

So every day that we wake up in the morning another parent will lose their child, kid will lose their parent, friends will lose friends and countless lives will forever be devastatingly altered due to firearms. Even if a firearm fatality occurs as an act of self-defense rarely does it not cause a whole lot of grief for numerous people associated with the shooter or the dead person.

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What makes this even more unfortunate is the fact that it does not have to be this way. It’s possible to effectively defend yourself without needing to resort to using a firearm which is with something as straightforward as a mobile phone stun gun. The mobile phone stun gun, like all stun guns, is a very effective non-lethal self-defense weapon designed to incapacitate an attacker using a jolt of high voltage power.

The high voltage is that which completely disrupts the attacker’s neural pathways and basically takes away the control they have over their own bodies. However, this disturbance is temporary and since the jolt of power can also be low amperage it doesn’t kill the attacker nor does it render them with any lasting negative side effects.


Unlike what some people may think it’s not volts that kill a person when they’re electrocuted but amps. Lastly, the mobile phone stun gun is something lots of people may feel comfortable carrying because it’s not so obvious that you’re carrying a weapon of self. This system looks like a real cell phone upon even the closest of inspection. Please consider this alternative self-defense item in the event that you really need to carry something.