Jaka jest moja filozofia samoobrony?

Woman with her hand extended signaling to stop. Negative human emotion. Body language. Keep the distance

In this acrticle, I addressed doctrine – essentially how you decide your own approach to safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and your property. The techniques we cover at a “real” self defense course are for if your ability to avoid, escape, evade, get help, or negotiate have failed; or you may reasonably assume that they will fail (for instance you’re in the ladies room, a person comes in, locks the door, instantly stabs a woman in front of you and then moves towards you).

Deception, bluffing, diversion may all still be workable, but in this case causing death or injury to the opponent should be a direct consideration. I can tell you that it’s better in every case to take the offensive rather that attempt t o”maintain” by being reactive to an assault. What I can’t decide for you is if it’s acceptable to “make the decision” to do that. I can’t tell you when to use force which will hurt or kill another person – rape is a fantastic example.

For many people rape is worse than death psychologically (in some cultures this is a “standard” like in Islamic civilization) in those instances deadly force may be appropriate in the event of attempted rape. When the individual tries to rape you, you try to injure or kill them if no other choices are rational or workable. A prostitute on the other hand might consider gender as a financial transaction, and rape as the like a theft of 100-500 dollars. In this case it’s not worth endangering your life or your attacker’s over.

I personally wouldn’t kill or maim another person for $500.00. However, I can’t, and won’t, attempt to make that choice for you; you need to make it on your own. You should consider this today and on a semi-regular foundation as you grow and learn during the course of your life. When a genuine predator attacks you they won’t give you time to float it you will have to ac t”right now”.

I know in my case if someone pulls a knife out and asks for my wallet I shall give it to them “right now”. I know if my door gets kicked in the middle of the night I will catch my pistol with the objective of defending my house and my family with several well aimed rounds to the home invader’s body. To put it differently, identifying the intruder, requesting them to put on the ground, all those things will likely be achieved – but even with every advantage the best the intruder can hope for is that we will both perish (possible outcomes in battle: you die, they die, you both die) because I’ve made the decision to use deadly force to defend my house and my loved ones if necessary.

To make it “less difficult” I use a 12 gauge and a 357 magnum so I could be reasonably assured of success. Of course I use knives, clubs, tasers, pepper spray, and all those passive protections such as advoidance (I do not hang out with idiots, nor do I welcome them in my house ), escape (safe room), support (alarm system with auto response), communicate/negotiate (best done with a 12 gauge and law enforcement on the way). What I am getting at is pick “when you’d” today, so if you “need to” you can get right to work. If you decide now, when things begin to have “sideways” you can concentrate on “how” you’ll injure them rather than “if” you ought to.