Jakie zmiany wiążą się z menopauzą?

Anatomy of female reproductive system. 3d render

Menopause simply identifies a woman’s ending of menstruation. Commonly the word can be used to make reference to the complete span of time where ovarian function declines and menstruation stops. This time around period is years in duration normally, encompassing ages 45-55 generally.

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Around forty sometime, a female may observe that her period differs – just how long it lasts, just how much she bleeds, or how it happens might not be exactly the same often. Or, unexpectedly, throughout the day or in the center of the night time she will dsicover herself feeling very warm. The common age of last menstrual flow is approximately 51 years.

It requires 12 consecutive months of no periods to find out when menopause happened, therefore the actual time when menopause occurs can only just be established long following the act. The perimenopause or climacteric phase occurs about 12 to two years (in some instances, longer) prior to the last menstrual period, and is seen as a symptoms such as for example irregular periods and hot flashes.


It identifies the time of life starting 12 months following the last menstrual period. Nearly all women, around 60 to 80% – experience only minor discomfort during menopause. After in regards to a couple of years of irregular periods and several hot flashes of mild to moderate severity, they stop menstruating simply. About 10 to 20% have without any symptoms. For the rest of the 10 to 20%, like the majority of those that undergo surgical menopause, symptoms – especially hot flashes – might be a major annoyance and occasionally incapacitating.

However, smoking can result in early menopause. Some forms of surgery may bring on menopause. For instance, removing a woman’s uterus (hysterectomy) before menopause can make her periods stop, but her ovaries can make hormones still. Which means she could still have outward indications of menopause like hot flashes when her ovaries begin to make less estrogen. However in situations where both ovaries are removed (oophorectomy), menopause symptoms can away start right, regardless of what her age could be, because her body has lost its main way to obtain estrogen. Women could have different symptoms or signs at menopause. That’s because estrogen can be used by many elements of their body.

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So, changes in just how much estrogen a female has could cause assorted symptoms. But, it doesn’t mean she’ll have all, or most even, of them. Actually, a few of the signs that happen round the right time of menopause may really be considered a result of getting older, not changes in estrogen. Through the perimenopause, estrogen production by the ovaries declines to about 10% of the amount of the estrogen produced ahead of perimenopause.

At menopause, the ovaries overlook the signals to create estrogen. It is the body’s method of indicating that the girl reproductive time is arriving at a finish. Ovarian-produced estrogen is named estradiol; only this type of estrogen decreases dramatically at menopause. Estrone estrogen, manufactured by, and stored in, your body’s fat cells along with other tissue, is still within the bloodstream because its production isn’t controlled by ovarian function. The most typical symptom of menopause is hot flashes.

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Hot flashes, or flushes, have already been called “power surges sometimes.” A hot flash is really a sudden feeling of heat in top of the part or most of a woman’s body. Her neck and face become flushed. Red blotches might appear on her behalf chest, back, and arms. Heavy sweating and cold shivering can follow. Flashes is often as mild as a light blush or severe enough to wake her from the sound sleep (called night sweats). Most hot flashes between thirty seconds and 10 minutes last.

Though not understood entirely, hot flashes are set off by a stimulus often, such as for example sitting within an warm room or experiencing stress and pressure uncomfortably. These are quite typical round the right time of menopause because they’re {linked to} changing estrogen levels. They could last a couple of years after menopause also. The vagina and vulva have become attentive to estrogen levels. Elasticity, lubrication, and thickness of the vaginal walls are influenced by declining estrogen, and the tissues of the labia majora and minora become less engorged during sexual arousal.

The mucous membrane lining of the vagina is vunerable to irritation particularly, minor injury, and infection because the capacity to create lubrication decreases. Thick and cushiony normally, the vaginal walls can thin during menopause and after. The specific size of the vagina shrinks, as does the uterus. The cervix may atrophy (shrivel) and flatten out to the wall of the vagina. The Venus mound, or mons, loses definition and plumpness. Changes in the liner of the bladder and urethra could cause irritation aswell, resulting in an annoying have to urinate frequently.

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Supporting muscles to the inner organs lose elasticity due to reduced blood circulation to the pelvis. That is especially distressing if it results in involuntary urine loss (bladder control problems) when exercising, sneezing, coughing, laughing, running, or sex. Some women experience thinning of these hair, including pubic hair which is as distressing for a female since it is for a guy.

A woman may begin convinced that her body is changing. Her waist could easily get larger; she could lose gain and muscle fat; her skin could easily get thinner; she could have memory problems; and her muscles and joints could feel stiff and achy. It really is still unclear if these changes because of a female having less estrogen or simply linked to her getting older.