What Causes Migraine Again?

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My mom used to suffer from severe migraine headaches when I was a boy. Sometimes she would lock herself in her bedroom and not leave all night. The pain got so severe that I had to take her to an emergency room for an injection. My girlfriend Jessica suffers from frequent migraines now that she is older. Jessica will often need to be home from work, or go to the emergency department. Two of my most important family members are suffering from migraines.

About Migraines

I was intrigued to learn more about migraines and how I could help. Jessica and my mom have tried prescription medication for migraines with different results. None of these medications are a permanent solution. These medications can be expensive and have unwanted side effects. I don’t want my loved ones to take more medication. I prefer to avoid conventional medicine and use homeopathic remedies whenever possible. What causes migraines? What causes them? Why are some people affected and others not? What can you do to prevent them?

There are many causes of migraines, according to my research. These headaches have been well researched and there are natural remedies and dietary recommendations to prevent them. To stop migraines, people need to examine their lifestyle and dietary habits. This essay will discuss the causes of migraines as well as what can be done without resorting to modern medicine.

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First, let me clarify what a migraine headache looks like. Because migraine headaches deal with pain that is subjective and varies from one person to another, it is difficult to study scientifically. There is no scientific way to accurately and consistently measure the pain of migraine headaches. “Causes & Treatments”) is not a consensus. We know that migraine sufferers are overwhelmingly women (“Migraine Headache”) We also know that migraine headaches are caused by an enlargement in the blood vessels below the skin. The blood vessels expand and the nerves around them release chemicals that cause pain, inflammation, and further swelling of the blood vessels (“What is Migraine?”).

A migraine can cause severe pain that lasts for hours or even days. We know a lot about the causes of migraines, but the actual cause is not known. Some people get them from head injuries, others only at certain times or when they eat certain foods (“Migraine Headaches”) There are many possible triggers that can cause migraines. In fact, there are seven categories.


There are many reasons why a person might get a migraine. It’s not easy to determine which trigger is triggering a particular headache. A migraine can be caused by missing a meal, taking a medication, changing their sleeping pattern, being exposed to bright lights, odors and pollutions, or being under mental or physical stress. There are many factors that can trigger migraines. What can we do to avoid them? There are many possible triggers for migraines.

However, there are many preventative measures that sufferers can take to prevent these severe headaches. There are many things you can do that don’t require medication. Let’s start with dietary tips to prevent migraines. Food triggers don’t affect everyone equally, and some triggers only affect certain people (“Migraine”) Drinks with chocolate, cocoa and alcohol are all known to cause migraines. These foods can cause migraine sufferers an increase in headache frequency. It is important that each person knows which foods trigger headaches, as the triggers can vary from person-to-person.

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There are natural remedies for migraines that include drinking crushed grapes, putting lemon rinds in a paste on the forehead and applying a cabbage leaf compress on the forehead. There are many causes of migraine headaches, and they vary from one person to the next. To avoid headaches, migraine sufferers must examine their lifestyle and dietary habits in order to find their triggers. I’m going to be talking to Jessica and my mom about migraines once I have gathered enough information to identify possible causes and preventive measures.

Both Jessica and my mom know what triggers migraines. Jessica knows that coffee can cause migraines. My mom and Jessica both get migraines quite often so I doubt they know all their triggers. It will take both of them time and effort to get to the bottom, but they have me to help them. Armed with this new information, I believe we can all work together to solve their headaches. I began researching this essay to find out what causes migraines and how to prevent them. It seemed like a simple question with a likely answer. However, the causes of these headaches are many and the true cause is not yet known.


The many food triggers and natural remedies that can cause migraines are well-documented. This information can be used by migraine sufferers to analyze their lifestyle and dietary habits and help them identify their migraine triggers. Each migraine sufferer must determine for themselves why they experience headaches and how to avoid them.