Jakie są najlepsze domowe sposoby na ból zęba?

Bulbs of garlic on cutting board and garlic press on light background

Teethache is the most painful pain you will ever experience in your entire life. There are many other things. Unexpectedly, a toothache can occur at any moment. Garlic is a good ingredient to relieve toothache pain. Garlic can be found in your kitchen, or on your spice rack. You can use garlic to relieve pain by chewing a few cloves on your tooth.


Clove oil is another option. You can mix 3 drops of the oil with a bit of olive oils to make this. Use the mixture to soak a cotton ball. You can rub it against your teeth or just keep it there if it hurts. You should feel better within 5-10 minutes. Garlic is good for your teeth. You should chew at most one clove per day (morning) to strengthen your teeth and reduce the likelihood of another toothache. This is a good method to use on children, as they will find it more appealing than garlic.

This works in the same way as the clove oil: dip a cotton wool in the vanilla extract, let it sit for a while, then place it on the affected tooth. You (or your child!) should feel some relief within a few minutes.

Take Into Account

There are many other options for adults who don’t want to use vanilla extract. Many people prefer to use alcohol instead of vanilla extract (whiskey, brandy, not beer). This works in the same way that vanilla extract does and is just as effective. If you can, avoid giving alcohol to your children.

Salt is a popular home remedy for toothache pain, despite the fact that it is the most unpleasant way to reduce the pain. Salt is very effective because it is compatible with bacteria. Salt can be used to treat gum infections and sores. It is also great for relieving toothache pain. Salt is easy to use. All you have to do is dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water (at room temperature if possible). Don’t swallow it after you are done. You can spit it out and then add more water. You should feel less pain after you are done. You should continue this process after meals, even if the pain is gone. This will prevent the pain from returning from bacteria in your food.


These are temporary pain reliefs that do not cure toothache. You should see your dentist if you need to relieve your toothache. Until then, these are some home remedies to treat a toothache.