Czym są Glikonutrienty?

Stem cells on colorful background, 3D illustration

Glyconutrients are eight resistant sugars that the body uses for cell to cell communication. These sugars aren’t employed by the body as a source of energy/fuel as are additional carbohydrates. Without appropriate cell to cell communication, the immune system can’t determine which cells to attack or which cells to depart alone, which cells are healthy or that cells are unhealthy.

Układ odpornościowy

When the immune system attacks healthy cells, it’s called AutoImmune Disorders. When the immune system fails to attack cells that are unhealthy, illness and disease places in the body. As you read this, much research has been done on glyconutrients. Science has shown that glyconutrients aren’t a diet choice but a necessity for everybody, called by many “the missing link” to good health.

Alarming evidence indicates that many common diseases are brought on by a single dietary lack missing in our diets. Among the missing ingredients are antioxidants, phytonutrients and gloconutrients. Why? Most people already know the answer but don’t know what to do about it. Take glyconutrients for an example, just two of the eight famous glyconutrieints are observed commonly in today’s foods.

Dobrze wiedzieć

Science has demonstrated that we want all eight of those living sugars to remain healthy. To explain in a very simple way why everybody needs glyconutrients, take as an instance a typewriter, what if each the vowels were missing from the computer keyboard, it would be impossible to convey a written message which makes sense. This is just what is happening in the body when even one of those essential glyconutrients is missing from the diet. The immune system doesn’t get the message to destroy damaged cells leave healthy cells alone.

The immune system can shield the body if it’s all the nourishment needed and knows when and where to strike. Some other advantages in taking glyconutrients are: build resistance to disease, increase over all health and vitality, relieve allergy symptoms, slow down the aging process, reduce inflammation, increase natural killer cells and macrophages and enhance blood sugar disorders.

Uwaga końcowa

A last word about glyconutrients and stem cells. Stem cells are produced in bone marrow and travel through the body repairing damage tissues. Studies reveal that those taking glyconutrients for one week had an increase in stem cells from the trillions. Glyconutrients have the response that stem cell researchers are still searching. Maybe they ought to look at glyconutrients for their own answers.