What Are Cluster Headache Warning Signs?

Woman sleeping in bed

Cluster headaches are more common among men than women. Migraine headaches are more common for women. However, the pain can sometimes be as severe as a migraine headache. Scientists have yet to find the cause of cluster headaches. However, they know that they are not caused by any other diseases or illnesses and are not hereditary.

Cluster Headaches

These can occur without warning. The pain can become severe quickly and start suddenly. One or both of the eyes may feel pressure and pain. The eye may also become red, swollen, and even watery. The nose can also become red and swollen. Mucous may also drain. Cluster headaches can last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, but unlike migraines, they quickly recur.

Cluster headaches can be experienced for up to eight weeks. These headaches can also be experienced once in a while. Cluster headaches can be very frightening if the sufferer isn’t prepared for them. People often believe they have a serious medical condition, when in fact they don’t. Cluster headaches can be a serious health problem for sufferers. The pain can be severe. They know that if one headache is over, the next one will be.

Czy wiesz, że?

Some people experience six or more headaches per day during a cluster period. Cluster headaches are not something that can be diagnosed by tests, but your doctor may recommend them to rule out other serious medical conditions. Cluster headaches that recur frequently are often a sign of neurological problems and should be checked out. It is important to tell your doctor about the frequency of headaches, how severe they are, how long they last, and when they started.

Also, discuss with your doctor what you have tried to relieve the pain. What has worked and what has failed. To better treat you, your doctor will need all this information. Cluster headaches can be made worse by bright light, changes in sleeping patterns, alcohol intake, and stress. This will only increase the likelihood that the headaches will recur and the severity of your pain.

Proper Sleep

Cluster headaches are often experienced upon waking. Many sufferers avoid sleeping because they can trigger them. This only makes the headaches worse and the cluster period longer. Even though you may think that you can avoid headaches by sleeping less, this actually makes it worse. You should not sleep at odd hours. If you don’t normally take afternoon naps, do not start taking them now, even if your cluster headaches are worsening.

Doctors may prescribe medication to reduce cluster headaches. You will be instructed to take the medication at a specific time of day depending on the severity of your headaches. An oxygen tank may also be prescribed by your doctor. For many, breathing in large amounts of oxygen can help to relieve the pain. You can reduce and even eliminate cluster headaches by wearing sunglasses made for people suffering from headaches.