Co to są migreny brzuszne u dzieci?

abdominal pain and headache

Unlike adults, kids will not experience traditional migraines. Instead, more commonly what’s experienced can be an abdominal migraine – that is a severe discomfort in the stomach associated with nausea and vomiting without the recognizable lead to. Abdominal migraines are most regularly seen in kids with a family group history of migraines. As soon as a kid reaches maturity the abdominal discomfort usually ends and instead, however, migraines develop.


The most common outward indications of abdominal migraines include nausea or vomiting, vomiting and gagging that is sometimes accompanied by outward indications of light sensitivity and headaches. It is important to remember that severe abdominal pain may be an indicator of other serious situations such as for example appendicitis. For this reason, be sure that your son or daughter is examined by way of a qualified medical practitioner.

The simplest way to prevent an abdominal migraine would be to try out and determine if there exists a pattern to the episodes. Do they happen after consuming or drinking food items? After contact with dust, string cleaning chemicals? Possibly after prolonged contact with bright lighting, fluorescents, or flashing video gaming? The ultimate way to determine if there exists a design to these abdominal migraine episodes would be to maintain a migraine diary.

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Just record what happened in the last a day before an attack. Lots of people find that their kids are affected by insomnia, over excitement, caffeine, dirt and dust mites, in addition to processed food like hot canines. Should you choose suspect food is really a factor, try to curb your child’s consumption of processed and preserved meals. Generally, fresh foods are often better.

Also take steps in order to avoid excessive caffeine consumption and remember that caffeine is also a standard ingredient in popular “energy” beverages. If environmental factors seem to be triggers, then take ways to keep your son or daughter’s bedroom as dust-free as you possibly can, reduce contact with chemical cleaning brokers (switching to natural cleaning items is easier and cheaper than previously,) and avoid unnecessary contact with cigarette smoke.

Your doctor might want to prescribe prescription medication to take care of your child’s stomach migraines if they’re particularly frequent or severe.


Once an attack will be completely swing, the best therapy is merely to make sure your son or daughter stays safely hydrated. Many kids may also benefit from sleeping whenever you can, and sticking to a straightforward, an easy task to digest diet.