Czy powinnaś rozważyć stosowanie diety w przypadku objawów menopauzy?

Two happy middle age woman with different vegetables and salad

Have You Ever Considered a Diet for Menopause Symptoms? Have you ever considered your diet for menopause might actually help with your symptoms? On the flip side, what if you’re now eating things that may improve your retched symptoms, and make you feel worse? Sometimes we don’t understand how bad we feel, until we begin feeling better.

Can you ralate?

That was my situation, for sure. And since I was so bloated and fat and unhappy, I decided to alter my diet. I was 51 years old and in melancholy. That was 4 years and 4 sizes of clothing ago. Maybe my symptoms of moodiness, anxiety, fatigue and headaches had something to do with my diet for menopause? Thanks goodness, I really began thinking about what I was putting in my mouth.


The diet for menopause which helped me lose additional belly fat and give me a whole lot of energy is based around clean, whole foods and lots and lots of water. I can tell you right now that this diet might help you also. The reason why I’ve chosen to eat mainly raw and whole foods is because; when I’m eating”clean”. I am not eating things full of salt, sugar and preservatives. I am not eating junk and fast food. I am not eating frozen diet meals filled with things I can not pronounce.

And I am not eating fried foods which place my body at a stress manner, causing me to add more belly fat into my expanding waist line, due to hormonal changes. So my diet for menopause is really more about what I’m not eating than what I’m eating. Am I deprived and suffering? Absolutely not, and you won’t be as well.

Actually I’m eating more now than I ever did, dieting all my life, just hoping to stay an average sized woman. I’ve sprouted grain toast with almond butter and agave syrup, sprouted grain cereal with almond milk, or a huge, chocolate, brown rice protein shake with almond milk. My morning snack is celery and almond butter, a glass of fresh juice, a hand full of almonds or a small carton of blueberries. Lunch is a sprouted grain sandwich with mustard, dill pickles, a complete avocado and smoked turkey, or it may be a spinach salad with almonds, red peppers, avocado, carrot and cucumbers. Another day snack, for certain.

On this diet for menopause I’m grazing though the afternoon, it keeps my energy and metabolism up. It may be another avocado, or an apple, possibly jicama strips or a sprouted grains muffin. Supper is also wonderful, and has been in the crock pot all day. Fresh green beans and mushrooms, sweet potatoes, squash, a broccoli or cauliflower head. Maybe I will add a little goat butterdinner is really yummy and filling.


I think you need to agree that this manner of fresh eating has nothing to do with deprivation. The one thing I’m missing with this method of eating is feeling bad about how I feel and look. I’m still losing weight and inches, together with all this eating. And now, my clothing size is smaller than it was when I was 28 years old. I want the absolute best for you. Please consider helping yourself out, in addition to your daily diet for menopause.