Samoobrona? Najlepsza opcja

Female boxer hitting a huge punching bag at a boxing studio. Woman boxer training hard.

The most famous answer undoubtedly is “groin kick” or various other preferred term for exactly the same technique. Everyone understands this being an effective target to follow virtually. You could be told by any man that it really does hurt and may leave you incapacitated for a long time. Even very light strikes in these certain specific areas can have an extended lasting effect.

Self defense

In a SELF-DEFENSE situation, you’ll suppose a groin kick will be a sensible option. However, there exists a drawback. Our body has an instinctive reflex mechanism that can help protect this area at lightening speed. The groin kick could be stopped by lifting a knee simply, lowering the hands or jumping out the best way to drive back the groin relax.

Most men can easily protect the region very, even subconsciously. These strikes will come in from out of vision so will be very difficult to avoid or counter. The overall rules of striking still connect with raise the effect such as for example aim through the mark, use multiple strikes.

A good example of a distraction will be spitting, or the usage of a verbal distraction, If you feel your life was threatened, you’d be justified in doing whatever needs doing to preserve it really. In workout sessions, a protector is worn to safeguard the groin and headgear filled with a visor can be used to safeguard the eyes.

“Targeting and Striking” explains 12 of the very most easy to get at targets and just how to gain access to them for maximum effort. It really is section of a SELF-DEFENSE course series called “THE FUNDAMENTAL Elements of SELF-DEFENSE”.