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WOMEN” or quite properly abbreviated as “We””guys” .How do we tackle them”House Managers” /”Bread Earners”/Child Bearers”/”Motivators”/”Better Halves”—–but they make a difference do not they? So why not set the difference as an advantage, why don’t we live, dream, hope, challenge, and them instead of against them. This is the urban era and women together with men are here to create an impact, let’s not dismiss them, let us listen and prioritize them.

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In virtually all societies , women have occupied secondary place vis-à-vis guys. In the first stages, both women and men start out as equals but within a time period, however, men start to get more power and get the simpler or more desired roles. Inequality was so institutionalized that until quite recently, women didn’t question the right of men to wield power over them. Women hadn’t only accepted that right of men to rule, but had been forced to accept male excellence as a natural order of things.

Sexual harassment, eve-teasing, insulting the modesty of women, abduction, purchasing or selling small girls and forcing them to indulge in prostitution, rape, murder are considered to be violence against women. Does the legislation of India provide protective measures to girls? If the answer is yes, why is it that we encounter so many cases of criminal behaviour towards women and so many instances of violence against women? Who’s to be blamed for this? Is the implementation of laws faulty? Or is it due to male dominated society? The Indian Penal Code has many provisions to protect the girls in a number of facets Sec.294 of IPC states that whoever to the aggravation of other does any obscene act in the public place, or indulges in eve-teasing thereby insulting decency and morality shall be punishable with three months imprisonment with fine.

Though the legislation has given provisions to punish individuals that are indulging in eve teasing, this hasn’t helped women at all. The brutal and tragic death of Sarika Shah has not led to curbing violence against women or in taking stringent action against the brutal criminals. Sec 509 IPC says that whoever insults the modesty of women, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that vulgar words, gestures or items which insult a girls shall be punished with a year’s imprisonment or with fine or both. Sec. 360 to 372 of IPC deals with kidnapping, abduction or purchasing or selling of small girls. If a lady of under eighteen years is kidnapped by any individual from India or from legal guardianship they’ll be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years and fine. Sec 376 of IPC says who commits rape shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than seven decades and with a fine.

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If a man rapes his wife, he will be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term, which might extend to two years or with fine or both. There are many provisions supplied by the Indian Penal Code for women’s protection but how far can it be favoring women that are poor victims? Mrs. Jayalakshmi, Criminal attorney, High Court, Chennai. Being a top lawyer, she’s dealt with umpteen instances in which women were severely affected by guys. The attorney feels pleased to say that she gave appropriate justice to an eleven-year-old woman who had been raped by her maternal uncle. The girl wasn’t only raped but also made to go for a naked ride together with the uncle’s friends. The local police couldn’t take necessary action because of political and personal pressures prevalent in the situation.

The attorney intervened in the case and fought hard to give her justice. The lawyer believes despite different protective measures provided for women by the Indian Constitution, women either don’t come out with their problems mainly because of their ignorance of the laws made for their security or even when they do, they’re emotionally and physically tortured by their intimates and by higher officials. Apart from this financial constraints also make the victim not to expose her troubles, adds Mrs. Jayalakshmi.

Our constitution is really building a bridge to encourage women that are helpless victims but a lot of elements come as a barrier between law and girls thereby restricting her to find the needed justice. Even if she’s an IAS officer such as Nalini Netto she needs to be a helpless victim of sexual improvement by the ministers. A minister irrespective of his caste and creed must safeguard his state and protect women but the chauvinistic and dominant character within him makes him an oppressor. Why all these cases ever occur at least in this century, which we call the 21st century.

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These cases clearly indicate the today’s hypocratic system, which ensures much but provides none. The system is located in our inside, as we lack the ability to under stand a woman and her needs. What essentially we lack is the aptitude of sensitization. We take them for granted. And it’s for sure that if the mentality of these guys stays like that the condition would not change. Any thing if we could blame at the downtrodden mindset of an Indian Male. A man would never know the position of pregnant ladies. This we could call the Lack of sensitization.

The popular saying’There’s a girls behind every successful man’ has been substituted to’There’s a male chauvinistic man behind every successful girls’ to limit her to spoil her life. What can the law do to suppress the male dominated society? It’s acting as a bridge for helpless girls however, the male dominated society is building a barrier between law enforcement and girls. To cross the barrier girls not only require guts and fortitude but also understanding of protection offered by law and an effective guide to reveal the path.


If we really need to do something to the woman and also to maximize its standing in the society then the first thing we must change is the Indian man mindset and the next thing we have to actually change is the functioning of the law enforcement bodies. The great leaders of the nation make a hell lot of principles for the enhancement of women but who is there to execute it? Its we who can make a difference, so what exactly are we waiting for? So let us come forward and push the egoistic monster that’s a excellent barrier for the achievement of women from within the Indian male and be ready to join hands with the girls and make this world a real beauty. Isn’t it a wonderful idea?