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Can a Woman Carve Out a Successful Corporate Career After a Break From Work? The femininity renaissance gave birth to the 21st century girl who’s not simply a homemaker today but the bread-winner too. The metamorphosis of the shy pupa into an independent butterfly could have taken decades together for the feminine community nevertheless; this transition was conspicuous and deep.

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This attainment of equivalent status has coupled her struggles manifold. But girl, being the incarnation of devotion and patience has confronted these modifications victoriously. The corporate woman has the dual load of striking a balance between her professional duties and family responsibilities. During the course of discharging her responsibilities there can be several times when she must experience unavoidable breaks in her career.

These fractures can be due to diverse reasons like a serious illness, union, family upbringing, caring for elders and lots of more. Whatever is the length of the splitter in her career chart she’s to sustain her optimism since it’s attitude that determines one’s altitude. Among India’s Prime Ministers, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had once said, “You have to learn to be still in the midst of action and vibrantly alive in repose”.

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Adversities work as a litmus test of someone’s character. Hence, the tenacity that a woman inherits inside her character assists her in these scenarios. The re-entry into corporate life after a long intermission is exciting and both stressful for a woman. Considering a break like union only eases her in acclimatizing to the job environment analogous to adapting to her new home atmosphere. Her qualities of adapting to her new private life are reflected in her attitude towards her work and colleagues.

Another interrupt in livelihood is when she’s baptized to motherhood. This specific pause could be for a month or two or for few decades. The very phenomena of handling a household instil in her a stronger sense of obligation. She’s more meticulous about life. The whole period where she is deeply involved with raising her kids into self-sufficient individuals she’s transformed to a more developed and stable character. She faces another phase of learning and growing with her kids.


The features gained in this period of disturbance in livelihood prepares her sufficiently for the next innings in corporate world. These fractures discussed are often inevitable in a woman’s career. Other splitters in livelihood such as a serious illness or a psychological injury are equally hard. But the recovery period offers her to learn the mindset of facing adversities not only in private life but also at workplace. In the current scenario of corporate rat race she learns to overcome her vulnerability.

In the event of any break in career the time if used constructively can only help improve the restart. For a woman it is not so hard considering her natural instinct of preparing for the rainy days. The women of the century is more goal oriented and aspirational. These attributes help her adapt to changes.


The 21st century girl is brim over with the aggressive spirit and zeal to attain her objectives. She is more aware about the planet, its phenomena and emerging technologies. She can effectively use the period of her fracture to improve and upgrade her skills and knowledge to the newest. A woman’s interacting attribute helps her gain updates about her office from her coworkers. This finally aids her in preparing to re-join her occupation. A woman is regarded as a born manager.

Hence it is not a difficult job for her when it comes to handling her career even after a stop. The stress involved in developing a successful career after a recess is enormous. But the inherent ability of a female to consume pressure, both physical and psychological, helps her wade through the tides in her career. Re-assuring a successful corporate career after a break is certainly a challenging task. But today’s independent company woman isn’t merely elegance but achievement personified and hence, can definitely experience certainty.

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