Czy istnieje dobra pomoc na skurcze menstruacyjne?

Young woman lying down in fetus position

Savoy, by some accounts, was a late bloomer when it came to getting her first period. She did not begin until she was in the seventh grade. From the beginning her monthly menstrual cycle was a cause for trepidation.


She would miss school on a regular basis each month throughout her cycle because the pain was so bad. 21-year-old Senior in college, in Northern California. However, when Savoy entered her Junior year of high school she found something that had even better results in providing help for menstrual cramps: Exercise.

Dysmenorrhea — which translated means menstrual pain — affects dozens of girls. There are studies that indicate as many as 90 percent of young women experience extreme pain during their periods, and it is now the number one motive for girls missing work and school with this age group.

Czy wiesz, że?

Physical workouts offer help for menstrual cramps since they let go beta-endorphins, which can be inner opioids — your exclusive “individual morphine,” according to major obstetrician-gynecologists. The number one kind of exercise for aid for menstrual cramps, leading professionals concur, happens to be aerobic workouts — a workout which ramps your heartbeat upward, such as rapid walking, bike riding, aquatic undertakings like swimming or water polo, or, in winter when you can not be outdoors, even ice-skating at a local ice rink.

Savoy found a short time ago that her extreme menstrual pain has returnedsince laying her off routine exercise program because of heavy class load in college. Her doctor wants to get rid of the possibility it could be other issues, but she and Savoy are in agreement that her lack of strenuous exercise must go by the wayside and her successful regular reinstated.

The goal

You need to work up a sweat by walking, running or anything you choose, at a quick pace. Ideally you need to have the ability of having a conversation with somebody who’s with you, but not so readily it doesn’t require some effort. Do you want some incentive? Consider undertaking what Savoy does: Tackle the hills, or have your high energy dog accompany you.

The Reward: True assistance for menstrual cramps appears to originate from energetic physical activity, the kind that ramps your heartbeat upward and has you puffing like a steam engine. As this happens your near perfect machine called the human body; let us go of those endorphins which combat the menstrual cramp making substances that’s a part of your menstrual cycle.