Jak zrozumieć Ego i samobójstwa?

Młoda chora kobieta boi się samej siebie

Are you aware that your ego, which you identify as self or I, is the most incredible survivor and confidence trickster in your mind? To the ego, death is an anathema. So much so that we’ve created various beliefs and philosophies to comfort us and believe that there’s life after death. Yet we see people committing suicide.

Co się dzieje?

How can it be that this ego, the fantastic survivor suddenly turns around and goes onto a path of self-destruction? The solution lies in knowing how our perceptions and thinking procedure influence our subconscious mind. In my latest article titled “Rational or Delusional Thinking?”, I raised this question “Are you a logical or delusional thinker?”. Most people today believe they understand themselves and think that what they’re doing is appropriate and justified.

The kinds of actions they take as a consequence lead them into different directions based on their perception of truth. The issue is most people think they understand themselves, yet don’t understand how their mind works. They don’t realise how the body and the brain are so intimately linked. So to help you understand the fundamentals, please allow me to recap the following from my observations.


First of all, all of us know that we have a body that’s the physical part and a brain that is the psychological part. Everyone is knowledgeable about the physical part, the body that does not need much explanation. However, the mental component, the mind, isn’t adequately understood by most people. They are unaware that it’s two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. Most individuals know about the conscious part, where our ego is busy and does all of the time-travelling. However, not many individuals are interested in or know the subconscious mind.

We mostly take it for granted, such as the elephant in the room. Even the medical profession that ought to be considering our mental health dismisses this because physicians lack insight into their head and are uncomfortable considering their egos. Since our subconscious mind, the supreme energy supply, controls all our vital functions like our cardiovascular system, breathing, digestion etc., would not it be a dumb thing to do to ignore it? Yet we do. Doctors will be deluding themselves if they believe they’re practising evidence-based medicine currently.

Subconscious mind

Have you noticed how we’re constantly trying to appease our subconscious mind in anything we do in life? When we pray to God, for example, are we not trying to appease our subconscious thoughts? Most of our actions are all directed at making ourselves happy or quieting our subconscious mind. Yet people do not understand how the ego works in their thoughts and how it affects the subconscious mind.

People are unaware that our thinking process is hypnotic and that we’re hypnotising ourselves whenever we’re thinking. Not just that, but most individuals are unaware that the external world can also be hypnotising us. A great deal of people believe they can’t be hypnotised. Hence it is very easy to become deluded. Since we are living in a really self-centred world, an individual can become quite isolated. Without self-knowledge and gaining insight into one’s head, an individual can become a possible candidate for suicide.

Należy pamiętać, że

To understand how we deceive ourselves, we must first learn how to know how our subconscious mind functions. Remember, our subconscious mind is the most powerful energy source in our own body. It controls all of our vital functions in our body and makes us feel happy or sad, depending on how we excite it. It’s no discriminatory power. It doesn’t recognise right from wrong or the good from the bad. It affects us at different levels of our understanding, from the cellular to our fundamental brain. It’s like a sponge that’s continually absorbing information from our inner and outer worlds.

In short, I’d say that our subconscious mind consists of an entire system of conditioned reflexes intended to protect us from our surroundings. To understand how simple it is to delude ourselves, we must appear at the effects of words on the subconscious mind. The words have a direct reflex action. Their meaning doesn’t matter. For instance, once we press a key on a piano keyboard, it makes a particular sound. Similarly, once we say a negative word in our thoughts, it generates a harmful chemical in our system.

When we say a positive note, it makes a positive chemical. The meaning doesn’t matter to the subconscious mind. As I see it, how we feel at a particular moment is the sum of all of the good and the harmful substances in our system. Allow me to give you a few examples of how we’re continually deluding ourselves. When you teach a person how to do a job, and the individual says “It’s too hard, I can not do it”, it will immediately create chemicals that will block additional comprehension of the task. It means that the individual had conquered himself before he began even if he didn’t mean it like that.


It’s because the words have an immediate impact on the subconscious mind. If he keeps repeating this phrase, it is going to make him feel helpless. It’s how one deludes oneself into believing that one is helpless. What one ought to do is to say the reverse even if he doesn’t mean it “Yes, I could do the job. If he can do the job, I will do it better. All I need is instruction, knowledge and expertise. Yes, I can do it.” If the person keeps repeating this sort of phrase in his mind, he’ll eventually succeed in doing the job. He’s kept producing positive compounds to maintain his subconscious mind open to all possibilities.

Please become aware once you end up keep saying negative words. It might lead you to catastrophic consequences even if you didn’t mean them. They affect your perceptions and reinforce your negative thinking. In precisely the exact same way, someone could delude himself into believing that he is on the right track when he says “I understand.”

In this example, the subconscious mind will immediately block additional comprehension of the task given. It’s because the subconscious mind reacts to words, not the meaning of this word. One can easily think that one knows everything about the job and yet hasn’t grasped everything. So please become conscious of the way you use words in your mind. Please don’t say “I know.” When you haven’t learned the meaning of what’s been said. That way, you’ll keep your mind open.

Zrozummy to

Let us examine another example of how we use words to hypnotise ourselves in feeling great. You attend a funeral of someone that you know had a reckless past and was a challenging person who never listened to anybody. But the person on the pulpit says each of the pleasant things about him. Tears come to your eyes, though you’re not sad. Why? It’s because the words have an immediate effect on the subconscious mind. We’ve got no control. Here, we’re consoling ourselves with words although we may or may not imply them. It is the reason why we never hear any harsh language at any given time.

Let us consider people that are smokers. They say they know that smoking is bad for them, yet they continue to smoke. They don’t realise that they use words in their mind which makes them continue to smoke. They ought to become aware of this since it’s simply a habit and say the opposite to what they feel, such as “I hate smoking. It’s a dirty, filthy habit. I hate smoking.” If they keep repeating this sort of phrase, it’ll be easier for them to give up their habit. Better still, they ought to also use the power of understanding to help themselves where they can immediately stop the practice of smoking.

Again, if you’re suffering from any chronic illness like cancer, diabetes etc., it’s even more critical to straighten out your senses. You’re in this position because your immune system has been damaged. You can help yourself by changing your thinking and your way of life. So in the event you harbour hate, anger, bitterness, resentment or some other negative feelings on your mind, please realise you’re here generating harmful chemicals that may further damage your immune system. They’re bad for your physical and mental wellbeing. Please be aware of those words.


Replace all of the negative words with positive words. The best part is you don’t need to mean them or focus on the words and see how fast you begin feeling better. As you can enjoy from above, you don’t know yourself until you start understanding your subconscious mind. The planet is manipulating you. So it’s easy for someone to make himself feel depressed or suicidal by simply speaking negatively.

Without insight into one’s head and some other self-knowledge or comprehension of how our mind works, an individual can easily talk oneself into taking action that may cause disastrous consequences. After reading the above, can you trust to take yourself seriously? I’ve written this report to give you some insight into your mind. If it helps to make sense to you, it means you have some comprehension. If it doesn’t, it is going to have the exact same effect as reading the Holy Book in front of a buffalo. The thirst for self-knowledge must come from inside. One can take a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

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