Jak zapobiegać migrenowym bólom głowy?

doing breathing exercise

Migraine Headache Prevention – Natural Or Medication? According to statistics, around 13% suffer from migraine headaches. Although 13% may not sound like a lot, it is an alarming number. There is a great need for migraine prevention techniques and the “how-to(s)” of this condition. “Prevention” in medicine is any activity that reduces the burden of death or morbidity due to disease. How can you prevent migraine headaches? Anyone who has ever suffered from migraine headaches will have looked into this question at some point.


It doesn’t matter if you search online, visit the doctor, or call grandma for her sure to-work advice. It can be more difficult for some than others. Some people don’t like taking medications. Others don’t like alternative therapies. Some people will suffer from it for no apparent reason. There are many ways to prevent migraine headaches. It is important to identify the cause of your migraine.

This includes diet, exercise, sleep patterns, scents, stress levels, allergies, and so on. Experts recommend creating a migraine chart to help you pinpoint or identify the triggers of your migraine. This will put you on the path to prevention. Keep track of what you did at the onset of migraine and what was going on around you.


We want to prevent migraines. If you’re one of those who prefers the natural route and want to prevent migraines, it is important to understand your trigger.

Sometimes, it is as easy as practicing yoga, breathing techniques, drinking caffeine, or avoiding certain foods and smells. You will soon be able to experience migraine-free living. Only migraine sufferers understand the importance of prevention and not just relying on temporary fixes.