Jak uzyskać lepsze zdrowie?

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All of us know the immune system (composed of cells, glands, lymph nodes and veins) is there to keep us free of disease. But did you know how you can help in this important job? Needless to say, vitamin C, A, and other special nutrition give the immune system a boost. But there is one other very important realization for you.

Co robić?

Whenever mind and body are united, it is like money in the bank for future anxiety times. Allow me to explain. At the moment, do you know of your feet, elbows, breath, fever, etc? If you are able to incorporate this background consciousness as you read these words, you’re present within your body. In other words, your mental awareness involves the physical body, in addition to your surroundings.

You’re conscious. You’re alert to every emotion, feeling, and are thus present with whatever is present with you. You’re free of stress. It’s simple to be present on your own, a blossom, someone else. Not really easy to remain present. But here’s the great news. The longer you’re aware, as a “watcher” of what you are feeling and saying, you not only are in the present moment, but your immune system is strengthened. You’re also protected in the separation ideas, the pro and con opinions of others’ force fields.

What a boon!

As far as I know, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence of this. As always, you’ll have to prove it for yourself, by remembering, often, that you’re a silent Presence in a breathing body. Then see the reduction in illnesses. That’s all the proof you require! What Are We Missing? If I held up a white piece of paper with a large black dot at the middle and asked you, “What’s this?” Chances are you’d say, “A black dot.” You’d be correct, but only half right. The other half, going unnoticed naturally, is the white paper.

This is just a simple illustration of how our culture focuses on form, pictures, material items, things which are manifest; but dismisses the unmanifest. This way, we overlook fifty percent of life. Without distance there would be no form. The nothingness between items is delineated because space is there. Every thing or person has arrived from space, or nothing. It’s surrounded by nothing and inside it’s nothing.


There’s a whole lot of room within us and between celebrities, or atoms . Space is a door to enter the present moment. Consider It. What happens when you draw your attention away from things, things, or events and put it on distance, or emptiness, or nothing? Becoming conscious of the space surrounding and infusing everything brings us to Presence. In this present moment, our consciousness is full of Presence, or the energy field of Love. Whenever we’re fully present, our immune system works flawlessly, toward improved health.