Jak się bronić?

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With the increasing number of stories about girls getting mugged, robbed or physically abused, is not it about time to learn how to protect yourself without needing to await a knight in shining armor to save you? Most men think that women are fragile and would not fight back when attacked. You can use this to your benefit by learning a few tips in self defense for women.

Self defense

Among the suggestions in self defense for women you will discover is to buy gadgets or equipment that may shield you like pepper spray. They may be found almost anywhere today even online so that you can browse their choice to receive your own equipment. When you don’t have any gear available, you can use your own body to shield yourself.

This is just another example tip that you ought to learn if you would like to defend yourself. The first one is to use your toes by stomping on the surface of your attacker’s foot. Use the heel of your foot to achieve this. Make certain that you bring down your whole weight when stomping on your own foot.

Know the points

Kicking the groin region is another helpful tip. Be certain you are balanced well when doing so to prevent falling down and losing valuable seconds which you can use to your own escape. Gouging the eyes of your attacker is highly recommended in. Use any of your fingers or your thumb for this issue to push hard on their eyes. You can also apply this technique on their throat if you believe that you’re powerful enough to make an impact on these.

For cases where your attacker assails you from behind, use the stomping technique but this time include the backward motion of your mind to hit your assailant on the face. Make certain to bend forward when gaining momentum to stomp on his foot then move your head backwards quickly to surprise him. This technique is extremely useful if your attacker is larger than you.


Screaming at the top of your lungs when you’re being assaulted can help alert and call other people to your rescue. The following tip in self defense for women is one which you probably haven’t thought of. When your attacker covers your mouth with his hands, lick the palm. His first impulse would be to move his hands away as it’s a natural instinct for most people.

In case it didn’t work, try to bite his hand hard enough to make him drop his hands. That would surely rattle your attacker. These hints in self defense for women are just some examples that you might want to bear in mind especially when you’re walking or travelling by yourself. It would help a whole lot if you stay away from places that are dark and where there’s just a couple of people around. Always keep yourself protected at all times. Follow your instincts and always be attentive particularly when you’re in unfamiliar territory. These items will help you whenever necessary.