Jak w prosty sposób zapobiegać bólom głowy?

Natural herbs medicine

There are many remedies available that claim to alleviate headaches of all kinds. Some work, some don’t. These remedies have been helpful in my clinical experience. There are no universal remedies. There are many causes of headaches. Stress can cause tension in the neck muscles and stomach, which can lead to nausea. These are two possible causes of headaches.


Feverfew and Wood Betony are the herbs of preference. They also contain magnesium to relax tight muscles. Migraines can be complex and vary from one person to the next. Understanding the pattern of onset is key. This will allow you to take steps to prevent the next attack from happening. E.g. One client knew that she would get a migraine by the weekend if her schedule was full, she became stressed, or she missed meals. If low blood sugar is a contributing factor, you can try ginger, peppermint, and fruit juice for headaches.

Sinus Headache

Albezia Baical Skullcap to treat allergy, golden rod, and golden seal for specifics, and Echinacea to support immune function. Sinus infection can be treated with essential oils, pine and aniseed. Be careful with steam, as it can easily cause burns. Stress Headache. Stress management techniques, such as Qigong and Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, and calcium, include Chamomile tea and Chamomile tea, Lemon balm and Valerian, and stress management. Food allergy headache. All suspected foods should be removed.

Sensitive individuals may experience headaches from MSG, Nitrites, and Nitrates. Plus suspect chemicals e.g. Also, gasoline, perfume, as well as kitchen and laundry cleaners. Headaches can also be caused by shampoos and certain toiletries. It is best to find safe alternatives. Ask your local health food shop for help. While it is well-known that certain foods can cause headaches, others can help.


Cinnamon is good for people with low blood sugar. While chocolate can trigger migraines, coffee and chocolate can help relieve headaches. This combination is my personal favorite to relieve headaches caused by the heat of the tropical sunlight. When rubbed on the temples, you can use oil of wintergreen, peppermint oil and Tiger balm.

Hot packs can be used to reduce muscle spasms and cold packs can be used to relax and cool the forehead. Trigger point and acupuncture points can provide significant pain relief. These points can be self-treated at the onset or the middle of a headache.

Wskazówki końcowe

Magnet therapy can be a great treatment for pain. It is best to place magnets on the brain side of pain. It is believed that the magnets work on the gate theory of pain blocking in a similar manner to Acupuncture.