Jak potwierdzić perimenopauzę?

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Whenever a friend of mine began to suspect that she was in the transition, she wished to know if there is one perimenopause test to answer if she was in perimenopause. So she sought out an ideal hormone imbalance test to discover if she was now permitted to panic. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no single test to verify perimenopause.


The tests which are usually given are simply measures taken up to eliminate possible illnesses and medical ailments which might be detrimental to one’s health. A pregnancy test. Normally, this is the initial test being done to get rid of the chance of you carrying a child. The majority of the outward indications of perimenopause could be outward indications of pregnancy also, so it’s very useful if this is ruled out just as one suspect. FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) test.

This test predicts mineral and bone relative density, specifically at the hip and spine that is said to impact estrogen and progesterone production. This test can be given for older women to check on should they have finally reached menopause. The reason being FSH levels are saturated in menopausal women, and the known levels are increasing during perimenopause. Should you have an even that’s greater than normal, chances are then, you’re in the transition called perimenopause already.

Estrogen test

This could be done with a simple blood test, to check on if estrogen levels are less than normal just. If it’s, this may not merely indicate perimenopause, but doctors could also consider possible ovarian failure (or early menopause) – this means, you can also be going right through another round of different tests. TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) test. Female infertility problems will come from thyroid disorders. This might confirm if you’re not pregnant also.

Transvaginal ultrasound

That is to check on for abnormal growths or polyps which might be evoking the excessive bleeding throughout your menstrual period. Endometrial biopsy. This process extracts area of the endometrium or the uterus to check on for possible signs of cancer. Mammogram. That is sometimes required by way of a doctor before any treatment is prescribed for you. It will check when you have lumps in the breast area (as sometimes, breast tenderness is generally a complained symptom of perimenopause).

Blood circulation pressure check

That is to eliminate hypertension (with a raised blood pressure reading) or hypotension (with a low blood circulation pressure reading). As stated, these tests won’t directly confirm when you have perimenopause. But the great things about the tests ought to be good enough for you personally for the reason that the tests are often non-invasive (apart from the endometrial biopsy) and would confirm certain medical issues you might be stressing about for sometime now.