Jak bezpiecznie zrezygnować z HRT? Postaw na naturalność

Peruvian ginseng or maca (Lepidium meyenii), dried root and  powder on wooden table

If you wish to learn how to come off HRT safely, then you want to appear at natural therapies. Many women do not realise there are alternatives to HRT. HRT can be dangerous, with many links to acute illness, including cancer. However, acquiring the menopausal symptoms is very little fun either.

Uderzenia gorąca

The hot flushes are particularly harsh, as your thermostat goes totally haywire for a couple of seconds or minutes. Once a day would be bad enough, but a lot of women have this several times per day. Night time can be particularly trying, with bedclothes off and on like the proverbial yo-yo. And this is very likely to disturb your partner also. So you are both grumpy and exhausted in the morning, from lack of sleep.

Little wonder that you are ready to try anything, even harmful drugs. However, there are always choices to everything. A naturopath is very likely to prescribe a herbal tincture or two for you based on your symptoms. And this is very possible to bring you relief, even though it does not cure the issue altogether. It does not harm you.


The raw food Maca is great at helping to restore equilibrium to your hormones. Again, relief might be all that you encounter, but it soon adds up. If you take a plastic water bottle with you, then the BPA which flows to the water, especially in high temperatures, is very likely to disturb your hormones badly. A change of water bottle to glass or stainless steel can make a massive difference to you.

Most of us have a bad to terrible diet. They survive on considerable quantities of processed food and animal protein. If you’re able to drastically cut down both, you could be pleasantly surprised by the results. Apart from the imbalance in de-natured processed foods, most farm animals are fed a cocktail of antibiotics and growth hormones through their brief lives. These are past on to the end user.

Modern diets are often seriously short of the nutrients essential to a healthy immune system. By taking a natural, plant-based nutritional supplement, you can go a long way to rebalancing this lack. The blue-green algae, Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae, from Lake Klamath is most likely the best on the market. All medications compromise your immune system. So just take what you can not survive without.


Let all unnecessary drugs proceed. Homeopathy is a natural and complete medical care system that works by discovering your own personal cause of ill health. It works with your specific symptoms. If you work with a professional homeopath, you can replace your medication, enhance your health and allow the menopausal symptoms go completely.