How To Combat Yeast Infections?

White wine vinegar

It is important to have a few home remedies for yeast infections. It is impossible to predict when one might occur. These infections can occur for many reasons. However, the root cause is an imbalance in naturally occurring bacteria. They can be embarrassing and debilitating, as well as painful, when they do occur.

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You can use one of the following home remedies to treat yeast infections if you notice them. This may reduce the severity and duration of the infection. If you are experiencing severe pain, consult your doctor immediately. The first thing you can do is find out the cause. You can avoid future onsets by learning the cause. These can be caused by stress, pregnancy, menstruation, stress and illnesses that require the use immune-improving drugs or poorly controlled diabetes.

The easiest thing to do is to keep it as dry as you can. Warm and humid conditions are ideal for yeast growth. Also, you will want to keep your clothes as loose as possible. To avoid irritation and dryness, choose a cotton fabric that is breathable. Avoid using perfumes and lotions that contain scents. These can further irritate the skin. Also, avoid using anything artificial as this can alter the pH and encourage yeast infections to worsen.


  • Increase your garlic intake. Increase your garlic intake to 2 cloves daily. Garlic can be used to treat yeast infections, even those near the mouth.
  • Make a licorice powder douche. Make a licorice powder douche by boiling a pint water and adding one teaspoon of the powder (available at most health food stores). Let it steep for at most 10 minutes, then let it cool down.
  • A vinegar douche is another option for home remedies for yeast infections. One to three tablespoons white vinegar should be mixed with a quart warm water. Use immediately after the infection has subsided.
  • Consume cranberry juice, without any sugars or fillers. This acid drink can often help to reduce the severity of the infection. Yogurt can also be beneficial.
  • Yogurts containing live culture are often used as home remedies for yeast infections. You can also use it as a douche or on the skin to treat yeast infections.


These home remedies can all be effective for yeast infections. Women who have chronic conditions such as breast cancer should seek out treatment. In other cases, you can continue to use these home remedies to relieve symptoms. These home remedies will reduce the itching and pain you feel and encourage your immune system’s ability to fight the infection.